Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Russian Hacking of US Election a Red Herring?

(Image by Bob Gorrell)

Throughout the Cold War, anytime Republicans raised concerns over the Soviet Union, Democrats and their leftist rank & file considered it the "fake news" of their day.

Now leftist consider Russia a cyber-threat that was instrumental in torpedoing The Corrupt Queen's Coronation.

Russia throws the US Election to Trump?


If anything, I think the Bare-Chested Czar would have considered "Madam Reset" to be a more malleable American president.

This appears to be nothing more than an attempt by sore loser Barry O to delegitimize turning over the keys to the White House to the Boorish Billionaire.

Especially since the Director of National Intelligence (and the FBI) aren't all that sure about this anonymous source in the CIA.

Still, it doesn't stop the media types from hitting the panic button.

Or put another way:  Leftists are still stinging from their November defeat and are "Russian to judgement."

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