Friday, December 23, 2016

The Known Wolf Before Christmas

The Berlin Christmas Market Terrorist Attack followed the same tragic patterns as previous "known wolf" attacks:

1. A known terrorist enters the country.

2. The terrorist commits a crime (Berlin Attacker was arrested in August for forging documents, but was released).

3.  Authorities suspect the terrorist is hatching a plot (German police knew the suspect would strike.)

4. The terrorist(s) strike, preferably an iconic target.  Innocent people are maimed and/or killed

(Image from Independent's article:  Everything We Know About the Berlin Christmas Market Attack So Far)

5. Authorities shroud the event in political correctness/newspeak (German Authorities Release Picture of Suspect--With Half His Face Blurred).

6.  If the suspect isn't killed by police, and is apprehended instead, the trial will drag on for years.

7. In either case, politicians will employ newspeak when making their appeals to the angry citizenry (Trump says what Obama Refused to say).  Meanwhile, public leftists (professors, celebrities, etc.) will voice their concern over the rise of their dreaded enemies--conservatives.  (Harvard lecturer is worried the Berlin Attack will give a big boost to the far right).

8. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Mark Steyn mentions the predicable repetitiveness of it all in his Mopping-Up Operation article.

In this case, manhunt for the Berlin attacker continues.  What's especially discouraging is that Germany has 7,000 terror suspects, but can't keep track of them all.

Europe may be several thousand miles away, but jihadist operatives are close at hand.  Although good luck convincing a debatable number of New Yorkers of this, and who feel the ISIS threat in America is "fake news."

But there is a glimmer of hope this Christmas:  Australian police thwarted jihadist plans for Christmas bombings.

Breaking News Update (0420 hours, 23 Dec 2016):

Berlin Terror Suspect Shot Dead in Milan

(Image from MyPluseOne's article:  Christmas Shopping Hotspots in Berlin)

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