Friday, December 9, 2016

The Lingering Lamentations of the Left

(Image by Dana Summers)
FOX News' Hannity provided some highlights of the on-going meltdowns of leftist about Trump, but assured his audience: Ladies, your uteruses will be fine.

Michael Moore is calling for more public tantrums and the disruption of Trump's inauguration.

Madonna, who's campaign claimed women betrayed their sisterhood.  

No matter what kind of president Our Boorish Billionaire will be, the lamentations by leftists will be a part of the daily noise for the next four years.

The key arguement made by leftists is that Hillary won the popular vote.

True.  However, Matt Vespa provided a friendly reminder of why Hillary lost.

Not only did Hillary lose, but as Matt mentioned in his article, Democrats running in state and local elections went down in defeat.

What we witnessed last month was just one facet of the collapse of the political left.

I'd like to see this trend continue, but I'm almost certain that the GOP (here in America) will figure out a way to blow their current advantage.

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