Thursday, January 12, 2017

Anti-Trumpers Pwned?

(Image from Sean Hannity's Facebook page)
 A couple days ago, while Obama was lecturing America for the final time (more on that tomorrow), CNN & Buzzfeed reported Russia has compromising information on Trump.

Here's the alleged documents with the juicy parts highlighted.

While I was never involved with intelligence gathering during my active duty days, I've read intelligence reports.  None of them looked like this "Company Intelligence Report."

People smarter than me were also wondering about the latest in the Russian Hacking Narrative.

Christine Rousselle asked:  Did 4chan troll the CIA?

The Gateway Pundit seems to think so.

Steven Hayward is certain fake news jumped a fake shark.

And speaking of fake news, the person at the center of this golden shower storm, Donald Trump, slammed CNN as fake news (via Louder With Crowder).

If anyone is interested in what President-Elect The Donald had to say--besides slamming CNN--here's the full post-election press conference via ABC.  Bill O'Reilly provided some speech "Cliff Notes."   

And if the Boorish Billionaire is a Russian puppet--who was (still is?) pulling Hillary's strings?

(Image from:  The Federalist Papers)

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