Monday, January 23, 2017

Gutfeld: A Message to the Trump Protesters/Inauguration Protest Ironies

Well, Trump was duly sworn-in on Friday, and from the fringes of the celebrations, the weekend was chock-full of protests. The Seattle Times even provided a handy-dandy guide on when & where activists would take to the Emerald City's streets.

By Friday evening 217 people were arrested, which provided us like-minded folks a sense of schadenfeude... 

(Image from:  Amiri King)

 On Saturday, women marched against Our Pussy-Grabber-in-Chief.  Seattle had a record crowd.

Apparently, protestors "worldwide" rallied against Trump on his very first full-day in office.

(Image by Henry Payne)

That's all fine & good.

However, one part of the world didn't seem to get the memo:  The Islamic world.

(Image from:  I Hate Hippies and Their Stupid Light Bulbs)
Oh, sure there were Islamic women marching--in the streets of western cities.  But I haven't seen any reports of anti-pussy-grabbing protests within Islamic nations.  The Diplomad made similar observations.

It's now being reported that one of the march organizers met with a Hamas operative.

Not only are our fair-weather feminists ignoring the Islamic War on Women, along with any possible jihadist connections within their ranks; but they've also been ignoring the sexcapades of a former president along with the bullying by this election's loser.

(Another Image from:  I Hate Hippies and Their Stupid Light Bulbs)
Nor were all women's groups officially invited, but the pro-life group marched anyway.

Good for them.

And of course, Godwin's Law was invoked by another out-of-touch celebrity.  Ashley Judd claimed she could feel Hilter in these streets.

I'm not going to predict what Team Trump will accomplish--or mess up.  But one thing is for certain:

The next four (eight?) years won't be quiet ones.

If the Inauguration Day left-wing media headlines are anything to go by, one would think we're now living in the "Imperial States of the First Order," or something.
(Image from:  Star Wars RP.Net)

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