Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Inaugural Crowd-Count Conundrum

Immediately after our Hairpiece-in-Chief was sworn-in, the non-FOX News media was yukking it up over the smaller crowd attending The Donald's inauguration compared to Barry O's in '09.

(Image from:  College Humor)
There were memes floating around Facebook claiming the comparative photos were taken at different times during the respective ceremonies.

Maybe.  Maybe Not.

In any case, our new Spinmeister, Sean Spicer, came out swinging in his first press conference accusing the media of false reporting.

A couple days later, Trump's Campaign Contessa, Kellyanne Conway, doubled-down and defended Spicer's use of "alternate facts."

Now, no matter what Team Trump manages to accomplish in the next four (eight?) years--it will forever be identified with the Orwellian term "alternate facts."

The Boorish Billionaire's in-your-face style suited him well on the campaign trail...

...but maybe one of his handlers should clue him in that as president, he & his minions should pick & choose their public relations (PR) battles.

A couple nights ago, on The Factor, host Bill O'Reilly pointed out that the DC Swamp and its surroundings are Democrat strongholds.  So Trump's triumphant entry into the White House would naturally draw a smaller crowd.

Besides, why should Team Trump care about crowd counts?

I sure don't, especially since more people attended Trump's inauguration than Hillary Clinton's...

(Image from Twimage.Net)

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