Friday, March 10, 2017

Snowflakes Snub Star Wars Stormtroopers

(Image:  Chris Muir's Day By Day, Snowflake Special)
Last weekend snowflakes at Princeton were triggered over the idea that folks might show up at their reunion as stormtroopers.

I doubt the snowflakes realize they're up against a legion of cosplayers.


(Image from:  Comicbook)
The 501st Legion ("Vader's Fist") is probably the best known Star Wars cosplay organization that spans the globe...

...and dress mostly as Imperial characters.

Okay, with Iran testing ballistic missiles, with North Korea following suit, along with the daily turmoil inside our ramparts (for instance, the "usual suspects" aren't happy with TrumpCare which was unveiled a few days ago), why am I posting about whiny snowflakes?

Because, as the weekend approaches, many of us would like to take a mental time-out from the realities confronting us.  However, Leftists never take time off to pursue their political-social agenda. The Social Justice Whiner movement tries to destroy our hobbies and pop culture.

Like a plague of locusts, once SJWs have wrecked havoc, they move-on to destroy something else.  Comic book stores discovered that despite the noise SJWs don't by the comics they "cleanse."

(Warning:  The above link may contain some NSFW sidebar images.  I included it for its detailed summary and history on how SJWs destroy the old but don't support the new monstrosity they created.)

(Image by:  Jago Dibuja)
 As a result of the SJW invasion, readers have been abandoning Marvel ComicsDC Comics isn't far behind either.

So it's not just Star Wars fans, but everyone with a hobby must "...stay on target..." and push back against SJWs trying to ruin everyone's fun.

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