Monday, September 26, 2016

Preparing For the Clinton-Trump Debate

(Image by Nate Beeler)
I think Nate Beeler's cartoon takes an amusing jab at the overall impression of tonight's presidential debate.

Here's a question I'd like to see answered first (because I feel Hillary won't win)...

(Image by Steve Kelley)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Dire Warning About Declining Deterrence

(Image by Lisa Benson)
For the past several weeks, we've been focusing on the antics of Our Corrupt Queen (Hillary Clinton), and The Boorish Billionaire (Donald Trump), interspersed with the nothing-to-do-with-Islam terrorist attacks at home and abroad.

Recently, police-involved shootings occurred in Tulsa, OK, and Charlotte, NC.  The Tulsa police officer has been charged with manslaughter, while Charlotte has been the scene of
four nights (so far) of protests.

And this shooting, closer to home, erupted last night:  4 dead at Cascade Mall, Burlington, WA.

So we don't need ISIS's help in destroying ourselves.

But the Islamic State is just one member of the rogues gallery operating outside the Ramparts of Civilization.

VDH issued a dire warning that A Hard Rain is Going to Fall unless America re-asserts itself and resumes deterring the world's rogues.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Breaking News: Active Shooter in Burlington, WA

There are four confirmed deaths due to an active shooter at the Cascade Mall.

At this time, the shooter is still at large.

Within minutes, this event made national news.

The Orwellian Trajectory of Terrorist New Stories

(Image by Henry Payne)
One of my sister-in-laws and her husband were visiting with us for the past several days.  During this time, Ahmad Khan Rahami was busy planting bombs in New York City (NYC) and New Jersey, while Dahir Adan was stabbing shoppers at a Minnesota mall in the name of Allah.

As usual, this event followed a similar Orwellian trajectory as previous terrorist attacks.  First we're told there's no links to terrorism, (because no membership card to any terrorist group was found on the scene).

Second, the federal complaint against Rahami omits references to ISIS in his journal.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media is working overtime to hide Rahami's Muslim faith.

(Image by Mike Lester)
Like gun control advocates, our Political Ruling Class are pointing to internet as the source of Islamic radicalization.

As The Diplomad pointed out in his latest post:  It's the Koran, not cyberspace that jihadists and jihadi wannabees look to for inspiration.

Until everyone within the Ramparts of Civilization realize the true nature of the jihadi threat, our efficiency for taking out the trash will be hamstrung.

(Image by Lisa Benson)

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Breaking News: Late Saturday Explosion in NYC

I woke up late this morning to discover 29 people were injured in an explosion that occurred in New York City yesterday.

Just over an hour ago, the NYC mayor spoke to the press.

While officials are claiming it was an intentional act--but not related to terrorism--one of the labels I'm using in this quick post is "Terrorism."

Why else would someone make and detonate a bomb?

I suspect what the initial press-releases meant was "Islamic terrorism."

As of now, it's too early to tell who was responsible.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hillary is Sick...

(Image by Bob Gorrell)

...and we're sick of her.

For the past few weeks, Our Corrupt Queen's health has come into question.  This was played down by her courtiers as suffering from allergies, or whatnot, which kept a lid on the issue.  But this fueled conspiracy-style speculation, and more importantly called Hillary's campaign so-called transparency into question.

Meanwhile, Hillary's sycophants in the media claimed, and continue to claim that questioning The Queen's health is sexist.

The lid blew of this past weekend, when Hillary abruptly left a 9/11 Memorial due to a "medical episode."

This episode turned out to be caused by pneumonia and antibiotics.

Or so we're being told.

Oh, I'm not trying to sound like a conspiracy theorist and questioning what Hillary is suffering from.

My question is:  Why did she feel the need to hide her illness?

The Shroud of Secrecy that envelopes the Clinton Campaign is becoming a heavier millstone about their collective necks. 

Even the former Obama, David Axelrod, said secrecy is creating unnecessary problems for Clinton. 

 Maybe there is something Hillary is allergic to...

(Image by Glenn McCoy)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Clinton's Contempt for the Common Citizen

(Image by Bob Gorrell)
During her speech at a fundraiser this past Friday, Our Corrupt Queen gave a speech, where she expressed her feelings about Trump's supporters:  Half of them can be placed in a "Basket of Deplorables."

A day or so afterward, Hillary apologized--for using the qualitative word "half."

Despite her half-hearted attempt at an apology, Ed Rollins doesn't think Hillary can't walk back her deplorable comment.

Judge Jeanine is spot-on with her reaction:  I can't trust a president who doesn't think I'm worthy of being an American.

Trump trounced on Hillary's comments during a speech at the National Guard Association.

I'm with The DiplomadProud to be a Deplorable.

On a somewhat lighter note, Timothy Daughtry suggests Hillary can learn from Jeff Foxworthy's comedy routine.

(Image by Henry Payne)

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Chicago Murder Rate Doesn't Fit the Narrative

(Image by Henry Payne)
Yesterday, nine members of Black Lives Matter UK were arrested after holding a protest on the runway of the London City Airport.

They should have held their protest at O'Hare Airport. 

But apparently some black lives matter more than others, particularly ones with criminal records who have run-ins with the cops.

Over the Labor Day Weekend, 500 people have been murdered in the Windy City this year.

But despite the facts--and the failure of gun control--leftists will continue to push their gun control narrative...

...and their climate change narrative...

...and their racism narrative...

...and, ad infinitum...

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Clinton Claims She Didn't Know "C" Meant Classified

(Image by Nate Beeler)
While the FBI didn't press charges against Our Corrupt Queen, revelations about her e-mail antics and Clinton Foundation follies continue.

For starters, she claimed she didn't know the "C" on the documents she handled meant "Classified."

Even if this claim were true, it means she was too incompetent to be our Secretary of State and is certainly too incompetent to be the next president.

There are lots of smarter women in America who would make a better First Woman President.

The other explanation is for this, is of course (and in my opinion most likely), a lie, especially since this latest Clintonian Quid Pro Quo came to light.  This along with the 13 personal devices Hillary actually used, with some of them being destroyed by hammer-wielding staffers.

And the scores of e-mails wiped clean after a NYT story revealing she used her Secret Server for official business.

Basically, each and every revelation about Clinton's cyber shenanigans is a step closer to confirming our suspicion that the efforts to keep Hillary's e-mails from public scrutiny were systemic and intentional.

It's no wonder that, despite any outlandish outbursts, the Boorish Billionaire's poll numbers are back within a margin of error against Hillary's.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day!

Image by Michael Ramirez
As we enjoy the long weekend, Matt Barber delves into the socialist origins of Labor Day with is Burgers, Brats and Bolshevism article.