Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Massacre in Manchester

(Image of some of the casualties from The Sun)

Yesterday was a warm sunny day here in western Washington State.  So I took advantage of the dry weather and a day off to get our house ready for summer--cleaning the grill and the lawn furniture.

Across the pond, Salman Abedi the Asshole had other summer plans--self-detonating at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, UK.

There's plenty of information on the who, what & when of the attack on most news sites. (Although, this morning I noticed CNN spent more time discussing Our Grand Nagus' supposed Russian Connection).  Even The Seattle Times ran the story.

Britain raised Terror Threat Level to "critical."

In addition to predictably raising the threat level, this latest terrorist attack is--yet again--following the same tiresome trajectory.

We're being told we should get use to scenes like this:

(Image from:  The Guardian chiding us not to "lash out")
Or that something other than Islamic jihad is to blame--like sexism.

Meanwhile, leftists are attempting to ward off Islamic evil with their Candlelight Magic--again.

I'm with Todd Starnes on this:  I'm sick of news anchors telling us not to rush to judgement on terror attacks.

Of course, Abedi the Asshole was yet another "known wolf."

This is just one factor in what The Diplomad calls The No Surprise List.

And finally, for this initial post anyway, Mark Steyn continues with the social condemnation of the weak-willed West in his latest article:  "Dangerous Woman" Meets Dangerous Man.

Unless our limp leaders, and the snowflake sheeple truly stand up against the jihadi threat, we'll continue to endure scenes like this...

(Image from:  The Sun's article on doctors trying to save the lives of victims--including children)

...along with the predictable post-attack procedure...

(Image from:  Starecat.com, which I originally saw on The Declination)

...whether we're "use to it" or not.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Robert Spencer's Drink Spiked

(Image found on Robert Spencer's Facebook page)

A couple days ago, word got out that Robert Spencer, creator of Jihad Watch, and author of several anti-jihadist books, was poisoned after giving a speech in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Here's what happened in his own words.

Mark Steyn continually points out that leftists and jihadists are "...in the 'shut up' business..."  and merely two points on the same continuum.  Now these points have moved closer together.

And not a peep of this from the non-FOX News media.

Ever since I started blogging about current events, I've provided a link to Jihad Watch.  I own three of Robert's books, and I plan on buying more.  All of which I hope to get autographed some day.

I wish Robert a quick and complete recovery, along with congratulating him on keeping up the good work.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Deep State Strikes Back (Again)

(Image by Gary Varvel)
Yesterday, while I was composing a complaint about Cultural Appropriation, news was unfolding that:


The media feeding frenzy exploded as the NYT and WAPO posted the stories.

These along with the other non-FOX News agencies are the same ones who insisted that Hillary Clinton's Secret Server, and her Pay-For-Play Program in the Clinton Money Laundering Foundation were fake news--and helped the Corrupt Queen get within 74 electoral votes of the Oval Office.

National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster, who was at the meeting, said Our Grand Nagus did not compromise sources or methods to the visiting Russians.

But as Fred Flietz points out--who leaked the story to the WAPO is the real scandal.

(Image by Lisa Benson)
Laura Ingraham believes someone burrowed in the intel community wants to hurt Trump.

More like a group of somebodies.

Sean Hannity said there are five major forces are aligned to take down Trump.  (Note:  Sean spends a lot of time in this video discussing the mysterious murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, but I'm going to hold-off on writing about this until more evidence becomes available).

But none of this matters to the Democrats, who are already making early calls for Trump's impeachment.  To them, it's always...

(Image from:  Memegenerator.net)
Yeah, now we know how Jan Brady felt.

Or as The Diplomad calls it:  The Attack Continues--Russia, Part 397.

Parts 398, 399, etc. so on and so forth, will soon follow I'm sure.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Apoplexy Over "Cultural Appropriation"

(Image found on Imgur)
As a writer, I'm suppose to be able to imagine myself as other people in order to tell a story.  But concocting characters outside my Caucasian, heterosexual experience could be seen as "Cultural Appropriation" by Social Justice Whiners (SJWs).

Two Canadian writers have been "appropriated out of their jobs" for running afoul of SJWs.

So-called Cultural Appropriation is just one weapon in the left's arsenal to politicize everything (video).

Hmm.  Keeping everyone within their own ethnic boundaries?

Sound a lot like...

(Image found on "MemeSuper")

Since I'm not of direct Irish descent, I thought I'd appropriate this meme for an end-of-post laugh...

(Image found on Dana Loesch's Twitter feed)

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Comey Conundrum Continued

(Image by Lisa Benson)
Other than a brief pause for Mother's Day, the momentum of last week's news about canning Comey carried over the weekend.

Apparently, there may be some Comey Tapes.

Until such tapes come to light, I'm not going to get all riled over this.

Could Our Grand Nagus have handled Comey's firing better?


But the sore losing left still aren't taking things so calmly.

Greg Gutfeld highlighted the firing fallout, and then how the media lost it when Comey got canned.

Michelle Malkin pointed out the hyporcisy of the left.

Despite all the outrage, Derek Hunter illustrated how Trump's opponents are his greatest asset.

And here's a final recommendation by Kurt Schlichter:  Liberals are an inferno of flaming crazy and we should pour gasoline on the fire.

(Image by Henry Payne)

Friday, May 12, 2017

Tunnel Collapse at the Hanford Site

(Image from:  KOIN 6
A few days ago, a tunnel collapsed at the Hanford Nuclear Site.  Fortunately, there was no radiation release.

The accident occurred during the day shift hours where I work at Washington State Emergency Management.  I was on night shift at the time and came on duty several hours after the event.  Thankfully, the situation was winding down. 

Now it's a matter of getting to the site of the collapse and repairing the damage.  Our agency will continue to monitor the situation until the "all clear" is given.

(Image from:  Business Insider)
Note:  I intended to post this earlier, but I was busy at work, and I wanted to write about the "Comey Catastrophe" during my short off-duty time while it was still front-page news.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Canned Comey Conundrum

(Image by Steve Breen.  Although the golf metaphor would seem more appropriate with Obama)

The airwaves, cyberspace and even social media are still aflame over Comey getting canned by Our Grand Nagus.

So there's plenty of news stations and sites to follow the on-going melodrama.

I'll just--ahem--take it from the top commentators I enjoy reading.

First, The Diplomad deduces in his Comey Goes article that the "questionable timing" leftists are lamenting about is irrelevant.  No matter when Trump decided to give Comey the pink-slip would be cause for outrage.

Next, Mark Steyn doesn't mince words in his Posse Comey Tantrum article about the now-former director's missteps.  But now that he's suddenly a darling of the Democrats, not following the rule-of-law is irrelevant compared to their newfound concern for Comey.

And speaking of the Donkey Drove:  A lot of them called for Comey's resignation.

In case you're wondering, here's a Top 10 List of Times Democrats Called For Comey to be Fired.

I guess leftists are mad that Comey was fired by President Trump, instead of President Obama--or President Hillary Clinton.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Comey Canned

(Image from:  Hope n' Change Cartoons)
Well for the past day now, the airwaves and cyberspace are abuzz with the news that Our Grand Nagus finally fired FBI Director, James Comey.

I thought America's #1 G-man lost credibility with his indicting, non-indictment of Hillary Clinton's "extreme carelessness" in using a secret server to funnel e-mails through.  So I'm not sad to see him on the receiving end of Trump's "your fired" catchphrase.

Here's just a sample of the Comey Commentaries:

Judson Berger and Brett Baier explain why Comey got canned.

Hannity feels Comey was a national embarrassment.

Tucker Carlson said his firing was long overdue.

Kimberly Guilfoyle felt this was a bold move by Trump.

But of course, leftists like this guy--who hate Comey for his half-assed investigation of Queen Clinton's shenanigans--are now crying "foul!"

More cries of fair & foul will be heard in the days ahead, I'm sure.

(Image from:  Stilton's Place)

Monday, May 8, 2017

Prager U Video: Why Isn't Communism as Hated as Nazism?

I've always wondered about this.

In this video Dennis Prager explains how the nice-sounding concepts of Communism still cause people to be cool with this ideology.

People like the producers of Watch Mojo and their Top 5 Facts About Communism.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Republicare Rumpus--Round 2

(Image by Gary Varvel)
A few days ago, the Republican-led House passed their version of Healthcare reform.  Which unlike the last time, the bill failed in "Round 1."

Like Obamacare before it--the number of Democrats who voted for it equaled the number of Republicans who voted for the original. 

That is:  Zero.

But unlike their opposition to Obamacare, not every House Republican was on board with this newer version

While some Republicans may be wishy-washy about overhauling Obamacare, one of the top Democrats claim Americans will die if Republican re-tuning is implemented.

Talk about a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Jake Trapper of CNN called-out one Democratic senator on their party's credibility problem.

(Image by Michael Ramirez)

But Republicans shouldn't be popping open the champagne either--for these three reasons. 

I'm not hopeful that any meaningful change to healthcare will be mad--by either party. 

Charles Krauthammer is even more pessimistic and predicts:  We'll be in a single-payer system in less than seven years.

Which, according to this oldie but goodie, may have been Obama's master plan all along...

(Image from the Hope and Change Cartoons archive)