Saturday, April 22, 2017

The New Deterrence Deputy in Town

(Image by Gary Varvel)
VDH wrote a thoughtful article on Our Grand Nagus's attempt to restore deterrence--one bomb at a time.

Trump's salvos certainly aren't "Mission Accomplished" moments--they're merely signals to our adversaries that the Era of Hope & Change is over.

As VDH wrote, we're just now starting to restore some semblance of deterrence.  We have a long way to go, with potential hazards along the way.

But still, it's a good start...

(Image by Glenn McCoy)

Friday, April 21, 2017

A Tale of Two Shootings

Three days ago, Kori Ali Muhammed killed three white men at random, in Fresno, CA, because he "hates white people."

He also cried "Allahu Akbar," when taken into custody.

However, between Fresno PD and the FBI we're being told this was not an act of Islamic terrorism

Then yesterday in Paris, a gunman killed a police officer at the Champs Elysees and wounded two others.

ISIS quickly claimed responsibility.

Now I don't doubt that the Fresno shooting was primarily motivated by racial hatred.  But I find it disturbing how our officials are quick-on-the-draw to tell us:

No Islamic jihad to see here Citizen, move along...

Monday, April 17, 2017

Rebel Media Video: Popular Chocolates Now Labeled "Halal," not "Easter"

As David Menzies said in this video:  It looks like Easter has gotten the "Happy Holidays Treatment."

That is, glossing over the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Christ.

Now I'm no Harvard Business School of Business graduate, but to me a better company policy would be to make candies that cater to both Christian and Muslim customers.

I'd have no qualms if companies like Cadbury concocted candy for Islamic holidays, instead of completely caving to creeping sharia law.

It's skirmishes like this in the on-going Culture War that could have a lasting impact for those of us inside the Ramparts of Western Civilization.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Media's Short Attention Span vs. Jihadists' Long-Term Genocidal Strategy

(Image by Gary Varvel)

Palm Sunday saw two Coptic Christian churches bombed in Egypt.  By Holy Thursday, most of the media lost interest in this story.

Piers Morgan pointed out the media doesn't care about the Palm Sunday attacks (but they should).

Especially when Egyptian security forces killed seven more jihadis planning additional attacks.

I'd say these attacks are the tip of the jihadi iceberg, but Mark Steyn has a better analogy:

It's the incoming roar.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Palm Sunday Weekend Terror Attacks

(Image by Steve Breen in The Federalist Papers)
Our jihadist enemies weren't idle over the weekend.

While chattering class debated the effectiveness and legalities of the missile strike against Syria, a Uzbek carjacked a beer truck, plowed it into a crowd killing four and injuring 15 in Stockholm, Sweden.

And as usual, he turned out to be another Known Wolf who evaded deportation.

Then on Palm Sunday, two bombs killed 44 church-goers and injured 100 during Palm Sunday services in Egypt.

A tidbit of good news emerged from Iraq:  Iraqi Christians celebrated their first Palm Sunday Mass in three years.  Let's hope this trend continues.

But back in San Bernadino, a mass shooting occurred in an elementary school.

This story was just breaking yesterday as I was composing this post.  This turned out to be a murder-suicide involving a husband (suicide shooter) and his wife.  While there's probably no connection with global jihad, incidents like this still make me say "WTF?"

Monday, April 10, 2017

Trump Backslaps Syria

(Image by Henry Payne)
Late last week while my wife an I enjoyed a couple of rare days off--together--Grand Nagus Donolf Trumpler met with China's president, Xi Jinping.

Oh, and launched a Tomahawk missile strike against the Syrian airbase that conducted a chemical weapons attack.

Apparently, the Grand Nagus didn't get Barry O's memo about establishing multiple red lines for murderous dictators to cross.

Reactions--on both sides of the political divide--have been mixed.  Russia certainly isn't happy.

Speaking of the Russians:  The Pentagon is conducting an investigation to determine if Russia actually helped Syria conduct the chemical attack.

While I share the concern about us getting into a "Syrian quagmire"--or worse--going head-to-head with Russia, like The Diplomad and Dystopic are--and for good reasons--I'm all for putting the Usual Suspects "on notice." 

Even if the Syrian airbase is back in business:  Mark Steyn pointed out Trump hit a reset button for the world, while Greg Gutfeld cheered Trump reminded everyone who's boss.

Whether one thinks the Grand Nagus made the right decision or the wrong one, at this point it's better than making no decisions at all...
(Image by Lisa Benson)

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Suzy Surveillance and the Fake News Fakeout

(Image by Mike Lester)
Back in March, "Rice Krispies," as one of my on-line friends calls Susan Rice, did a "Sgt Schultz" impersonation on PBS.  But since she was ID'd as Suzy Surveillance the Unmasker, she went from "I see nothing! I know nothing!" to "...I leaked nothing to nobody..."

Commentators Bill O'Reilly and Laura Ingraham poked fun at her double-negative--which linguistically makes her statement a positive--which means she did leak something to somebody.

Or something.   

Anyway, semantics aside, Senator Tom Cotton gave Suzy Surveillance another nickname:  The Typhoid Mary of the Obama Administration.

Meanwhile, CNN is still spinning its newspeak, claiming the Susan Rice Surveillance Story is fake news.

I like how Mark Steyn put it:  The non-FOX News media is upset that "...someone has managed to out-fake our fake news of the Fake Susan Rice Story..." 

All the hue & cry of "fake news" by the leftist media does is convince us like-minded folks of being a case of "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

Methinks the media doth unmask itself...  
(Image by Glenn McCoy)

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Susan Rice Asked for Trump Transition Associates to be Unmasked

Well, apparently Ms. Benghazi-was-caused-by-a-video-Rice is behind the unmasking of Trump's teammates in the "Russian Hacking" scandal.

According to FOX News, this new development comes from multiple sources.

Even though CNN provided a handy-dandy glossary to wiretapping terms, to include masking/unmasking, panelists on Andy Cooper's show claimed the unmasking claim was fake news.

The Diplomad rolled-in with a quick post, On Spying, Again as information on this story continues to be unmasked.

Meanwhile, those "nefarious Russians" are having tragic problems of their own.

Yesterday, a terrorist tossed a nail bomb into a crowded commuter train carriage at the St. Petersburg Metro.

In response, Al Jazeera's Arabic Facebook page was flooded with happy emoticons from happy Muslims celebrating the attack.

While I've been critical of nearly all of the Barechested Czar's actions...

(Image found on 9GAG)
...I'll give this enemy-of-my-enemy a measure of respect for his attitude towards terrorists.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Statutes of Sanctuary Lunacy

(Image by:  AF Branco)
While debates over wiretapping and Russian hacking rage, many (all?) of our metropolitan areas, from the Big Apple to the Emerald City, are still defying federal immigration laws.

The Seattle Politburo wants a cool million dollars for a legal defense fund for immigrants facing deportation.

Two things I noticed about this Seattle Times article:

1. The word "illegal" is missing from the title.
2. The article is not open to comments.

In previous left-leaning articles I've read in the Seattle Times--which allowed comments--at least half of the responses were of the "WTF?" variety. 

But the sanctuary city stance is more sordid than bilking taxpayers to fund illegal aliens' legal fees, and concocting headlines with newspeak.  According to a DHS report, sanctuary cities have released violent criminal aliens.

Back in the Bay State, Michelle DuBois (D) attempted to warn illegal aliens of a supposed ICE raid in Brockton, MA.

The Bristol County Sheriff called for Ms DuBois to be investigated.  I'm willing to bet that if she had an "(R)" at the end of her name, and was seen chatting with a Russian official at some cocktail party, the non-FOX News media would be hollering for her resignation.

Instead:  .

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sanctuary City Standoff

Two days ago, AG Jeff Sessions put sanctuary cities on notice--comply with Federal laws on illegal immigration or face being cut off from Department of Justice funding assistance.

 In response, the People's Democratic Republic of Seattle, initiated a lawsuit against the White House.

Other sanctuary city mayors followed-up with their own see-you-in-court threats.

(Image by Dana Summers for The Patriot Post, 26 January 2017)

A coworker and I were talking the other day about how much we use to love Seattle.  We considered it our favorite American metropolitan area.

Not anymore.

Now I only venture up to the People's Democratic Republic of Seattle for specific events at a single locations--not to do any sort of aimless walkabouts.

Proclaiming a metropolitan area a "welcoming city," (Newspeak for sanctuary city), is just one symptom plaguing our urban centers.

Derek Hunter wrote about bearing witness as our cities die.  He hopes we may be able to turn things around, at least in some cities.

I might be too pessimistic, but I'm not so sure.  It would take voting out all the leftists in city offices to begin such a venture, and I don't see that happening anytime soon.

(Image by Dana Summers for US News, 2015)