Friday, August 22, 2014

The "JV" Threat: Growing, or Diminishing?

(Image by Bob Gorrell)

Yesterday, at a Pentagon press conference, Chuck Hagel said ISIS was beyond anything we've seen.

Here's at least four reasons why the Islamic State is a greater threat than Al-Qaeda.

But one former spook's opinion is that it's not all good news for ISIS, and they'll eventually be marginalized.

Well the sooner the better.

However, I'm afraid a lot of blood and treasure will be spent conducting any marginalization campaign.

And that's if I had confidence in our nation's leaders to wage a successful campaign against ISIS--which at this point I certainly don't.

(Image by Michael Ramirez)

In any case, I love Lt. Col. Ralph Peters "Beast Mode" advice.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Beheading Broadcast on Social Media

(Image from the Augusta Chronicle, found on The Federalist Papers)
Once again, our jihadist enemies displayed their savagery a couple of days ago.  Their latest atrocity:  The beheading of American journalist James Foley.

This of course, was celebrated on social media.

Yesterday, Obama made appropriate comments during a press conference.  I'd like to think Our Dear Leader has a cunning plan to deal with ISIS.  But if past behavior is anything to go by, Obama has his own sense of priorities when it comes to Americans and allied people being held in captivity.

(Image by Branco)

If this weren't bad enough, the bigger issue is the thousands of citizens from western nations joining the jihad.  In this case, it appears that Foley was decapitated by an Englishman.

(Image by Branco)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Usual Suspects at Ferguson

(Image by Nate Beeler)

Michelle Malkin identifies the "usual suspects" that can be found within the Ferguson feeding frenzy

Prejudice Against Pipers Proceeds

(Image from MidSouth Funeral Piper)
Nearly two weeks ago, I posted about a couple of New Hampshire teens who had their bagpipes confiscated by the CBP.

Well the good news is:  The pipes were returned to them.  This time.

The bad news is:  If they ever want to venture into Canada for another gathering of the clans, they can only do so at 28 inconvenient locations and pay a $238 processing fee--each way.  This bodes ill for any piper entering and exiting the US.

Now compared to the rioting in Ferguson, MO, and the mass invasion along our southern border, this may sound like sour notes.

But in the "Land of the Free" how much longer will we be able to freely engage in our favorite pastimes, hobbies, or passions, before everyone has to pay some "regulatory fee?"

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Multiple Layers of the Ferguson Fracas

(Image by Eric Allie)

A few days ago, I mentioned the on-going uproar in Ferguson, MO, via an article by Mark Steyn.  The main topic in that post dealt with the militarization of police forces (and other federal agencies).

Since then, Ferguson is still burning, both literally and emotionally.  I've refrained from commenting on this because it's a multi-layered issue, and like an onion--every layer stinks.

The Ferguson Riots has been/is currently following a similar trajectory as the Trayvon Martin Case:

A black kid is shot and killed, the circumstances of the shooting are dubious at best, then the victim is portrayed as an up-and-coming pillar of the community ruthlessly gunned down by some racist throwback, the saintly image proves to be false, however; this doesn't stop the media, race baiters, elements of the federal government, along with politicians from both parties getting involved.

(Image by Eric Allie)

Did I miss anything?

Probably.  Thanks to to waters being thoroughly muddied by the usual suspects I mentioned above (and probably more).

I'll start off my Ferguson Fracas-101 Crash Course with this Cast of Characters which will come in handy as the rest of the country watches the Theatre of the Absurd play-out.

As with the Steyn article, there's the question of why was there no dash-cam in the squad car, but the convenience store security camera footage was released?

(Image by Dana Summers)
Pat Buchanan asks a broader question:  Is Ferguson our future?

Hopefully not.
(Image by Glenn Foden)

But the dirty little secret about the difference between white and black Americans over Ferguson is--there's most likely no difference at all.

Too bad "the usual suspects" don't realize this. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, Big Government Style?

When, indeed.

According to a leaked report, DHS is predicting a rise of anti-government violence over the next year.

I have mixed feelings about what is being termed as the militarization of police. 

On the one hand, I want our police to have more protection and firepower than the Adam-12 boys did, so they can take on gangbangers, terrorists and looting rioters, as are currently faced by Ferguson, MO PD.

On the other hand, I wonder why agencies like the Department of Education has it's own SWAT.

To conduct raids on families homeschooling their kids, maybe?

What bothers me more is the attitude of an occupying army, these enforcers often display towards peaceful citizens going about their business. 

This attitude bothers a lot of people, and when a lot of people become bothered, it seems as if various police departments and government agencies up-grade their weapon systems accordingly.

Kind of like self-fulfilling prophecy, isn't it?

Mark Steyn is bothered by the fact that, with all this military & electronic hardware being lavished on local PDs, they should at least provide dashcams for every police cruiser.

Ukraine/Russia Border Brawl?

(Image by Jack Ohman)
There are conflicting reports coming from the Ukraine-Russian border.

The Ukrainians say their artillery fired upon and "destroyed" part of a Russian armored column that made an incursion into Ukraine territory.

The Russians say:  Nyet.  Didn't happen.

I have a feeling there'll be more verifiable exchanges in the immediate future.

Friday, August 15, 2014

The ROAD Scholar President

(Image by Michael Ramirez)
Well, it looks like al-Maliki is stepping down, but his imminent departure hasn't stemmed the ISIS tide.

Connecting ISIS to the Tea Party--as the above political cartoon suggests--may be the only way to get Obama's attention. 

(Image by Steve Kelley)

And even that might not work.

"America is facing greater and greater danger and the president will not admit to this."
(Quoted from the second page of the linked article).

While I was in the military, we had an acronym for such behavior:  ROAD--Retired on Active Duty. 

Our "ROAD Scholar" President can give stirring lectures to fawning crowds--but rarely does anything useful, or helpful.

(Image by Gary Varvel)

ISIS Recruiters Are Standing By...

(Image by Jim Morin of The Miami Herald)

ISIS members feel no need to lurk in the shadows within the Ramparts of Civilization. 

Apparently, one can find recruiters operating openly in downtown London.

Can't make it to London?

Just log on to your favorite social media site and go from there.

Tech-savvy liberals have thought we could sooth the savage jihadi beasts with our gizmos and gadgets.

Instead, the opposite is true.  That our jihadist enemies are using western technology to further their aims of conquest.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The "JV" Caliphate and Their Leader

(Image by Glenn Foden)
Back in January, Our Dear Leader dismissed ISIS as a junior varsity team?

Well, the jayvees have been cutting a bloody swath across Syria and Iraq, and are now their conquered territory "The Caliphate."

They're also led by a head coach willing to play by less-than 19th Century rules.

Meanwhile, US Marines and Special Forces have landed on Mount Sinjar, to plan for a Dunkirk-style evacuation of the tens of thousand of Yazidis trapped on the mountain.

But this assessment could take several days.

That should be enough time for Obama to put in a few days of golfing at least.