Friday, February 21, 2020

Mini Mike Bloomberg Buys His Way Into the Fray

(Image by Gary Varvel)

"Mini Mike" Bloomberg entered the 2020 Democratic Primary Race back in November 2019, but no one paid too much attention because he didn't qualify for any debates.

Nor did he conduct any traditional meet & greet campaigning.

Then earlier this week, the DNC decided to change their rules to allow Mini Mike to participate in the Las Vegas Debate.


Because the popularity of both Our Grand Nagus' and Bolshevik Bernie's popularity is on the rise and the Dimtards are panicking.

Not only is the DNC, but the Ministry of Truth is dog-piling on Bernie.  Libtards like Tingly Legs Matthews are worried if Bernie gets the DNC nomination, Trump will win the general election by a landslide.

Welcome to 2016.20

Mini Mike is acting like a Senator from Ancient Rome--buying an election.  His campaign adds flood the airwaves and cyberspace, with Ministry of Truth outlets, like the NYT attempt to justify elites having "more control" over our elections.

(Image by Steve Breen)

Even before Wednesday night's debate, fireworks erupted between Mini Mike--and just about every other candidate and some of the commentators I follow had choice words to say--

--Tucker Carlson called-out that Mini Mike shouldn't be on the debate stage.

--Sean Hannity referred to Mini Mike's move as cashing in his chips.

--YouTuber Tim Pool declared the Dimtards embraced cheating and sold their souls to defeat Our Grand Nagus.

--Laura Ingraham explained why Bloomberg is failing.

--And then there's Mark Steyn who quipped Bloomberg is a Russian agent planted to make Sleepy Uncle Joe look good.

--But from a popcorn-eating entertainment perspective, The Amazing Lucas, thought the Vegas Debate as an amazing bloodbath and Greg Gutfeld, of The Five, thought it was awesome.

In fact, nearly 20 million people tuned-in,

I wasn't one of them.  Instead, I scrolled through Townhall's Twitter feed and saw it was quite the Thunderdome Cage Match.

I almost regret not watching it.


Reading the after-action tea leaves, Mini Mike...

...tried to defend wealth and capitalism...

...but failed miserably when he attempted to defend NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) he imposed on women...

...and Warren went for the jugular slamming Mini Mike's sexist past.

Despite the pummeling from all his rivals, Mini Mike fired--off one helluva zinger against Bolshevik Bernie.

Guy Benson's assessment of the Vegas Debate covered the good, bad and ugly.

And speaking of bad & ugly, Mini Mike's image wasn't helped when Team Bloomberg released a doctored clip of the debate.

 Basically, Mini Mike's zinger didn't damage Bolshevik Bernie's standing.

(Image by Michael Ramirez)
Regardless of the Old Bolshevik's popularity, Kurt Schlichter warned Bernie Bros are going to get fooled again.


If so, and it comes down to Trump the Usurper vs. Mini Mike in the General Election, Derek Hunter has an observation on what differentiates the two billionaires for you to keep in mind.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Dimtards' Hopes Dashed

(Image by Michael Ramirez)
Well, the first week of February 2020 saw three glorious days of Dimtard agony which helped give Our Grand Nagus the best 96 hours of his presidency.

First there was the Iowa Caucus Train Wreck on Monday (3 February 2020)...

(Image by Michael Ramirez)
...which exposed Dimtard incompetence and hypocrisy.  And since the Dimtards don’t want to accept the fact that they can’t be trusted to count votes, they attempted to blame Trump supporters and 4Chan for the Caucus Chaos.

Can’t have a Dimtard Debacle without racism being to blame.

Then on Tuesday night, near the end of Our Grand Nagus’ State of the Union Address (SOTU), Squeaker of the House, and “tore loser”, Nancy Pelosi became meme-fodder minutes after tearing up a copy of Trump’s speech.

(Image by Gary Varvel)

Paul Murray from Down Under’s Sky News, nailed it on how Pelosi’s tantrum will cause a big shift—against the Dimtards.  

Back in America, Classical Liberal YouTuber, Tim Pool, concurred stating oblivious leftist cheered while their plans burn down around them.

While normal people in America, and around the world, thought Our Grand Nagus gave a good, even great speech, the event triggered Hollyweirdoes and Ministry of Truth minions.

(Image by Al Goodwyn)

Then came the finale in this week’s “three act play.”  Trump the Usurper was acquitted on impeachment charges, which triggered protesters suffering from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome).

Basically, the Dimtards’ soft coup backfired spectacularly.

(Image by Michael Ramirez)
More triggering is sure to follow since the Dimtards have “...learned nothing and forgotten nothing...” and vow to keep investigating Trump the Usurper of 2016. 

For now though, Our Grand Nagus had the last laugh when he took swipes at Pelosi (and Romney) for hiding behind Faith to conduct their perpetual character assassination attempts.

Certainly not the most Christian turn-the-other-cheek sort of thing to do—especially at the National Prayer Breakfast—but since I’m a live-by-the-sword kind of guy, I’m not bothered by this in the slightest.  

In a “more appropriate” venue, Our Grand Nagus struck a Dewey Defeats Truman pose at a press conference and didn’t mince words in calling the 
RussiaRussiaRussia investigation “bullshit.”

Of course, Dimtards like Senator Hirono, still think Our Grand Nagus is guilty regardless of the acquittal verdict.  And the less said about RINO Romney, the better.

The Dimtards actions and reactions to this whole Shampeachment Theatre, or as The Diplomad called it, a ripping yarn...
(Image by Lisa Benson) both amusing and appalling.  It can be funny to watch their meltdowns, but it's appalling to think about any of them with their hands on the levers of power.

Hopefully we can all keep laughing for 4 more years after Election Day 2020, and enjoy the gush of Libtard tears.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

The 2A VA Rally--Not the Boogaloo Libtards Were Hoping For

(Image by A.F. Branco)

Well everyone, myself included, thought last week's 2A Rally in Richmond, VA was a potential powder keg.

Or as a lot of 2A folks call it "The Boogaloo," which is now a trigger word for lefties.

Yeah, I know the news cycle is All Impeachment All The Time,  I currently find the on-going soft coup against Our Grand Nagus too tiresome and predictable to write about for now.

So getting back to the 2A Rally...

...Liberty Doll posted several videos leading up to the event:

Gun Control Bills Pass VA Senate Committee followed by an overnight update.

Followed a week later by Virginia Keeps Heating Up with the breaking news when Governor Blackface declared a state of emergency.

Unfortunately for Virginians, it will be extremely difficult to recall Governor Blackface.

Sydney Watson gave a one video synopsis the day of the event from an Australian-American perspective.

Fortunately for all of us, the 2A Rally went off without a hitch.

Sort of.

The minions of the Ministry of Truth tried spinning the whole event as a white supremacist klan gathering, minus the burning crosses.

The peaceful gathering dismayed politicians like Commissar Cortez, who was miffed about the rally being held on MLK Day.

The following YouTubers debunked the fake news that the 2A Rally was a white nationalist gathering:

Dronetek Politics,

Anthony Brian Logan (ABL),

The Amazing Lucas, and

Louder With Crowder.

Now that we dodged the Big Boogaloo, for now, the gun grabbing continues unabated in Virginia.

Since the 2A Fight isn't over, especially in VA, Kurt Schlitchter has the following peaceful insurgency tips for Virginia Patriots

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Dimtards: Fighting Against Orangemanbad Instead of Real Enemies

(Image by: A.F. Branco)

Well, we're just two weeks into the "Roaring Twenties" and a lot's been going on inside and outside the Ramparts of Civilization:

The House voted to finally release the Article of Shampeachment against Our Grand Nagus.

There was another televised debate among the surviving Dimtard candidates that blogger Diogenes' Middle Finger suffered through so we wouldn't have to.

Not that we would have anyway. 

But we should pay closer attention to what Dimtards and their lackeys say off-camera.  Project Veritas caught one of Bolshevik Bernie's minions promising to unleash Hell if Trump the Usurper is re-elected.

And speaking of Hellish existences, the Dimtards in Congress and the presidential pretenders were silent during the anti-regime protests in Iran in the wake of the passenger liner shoot-down.

But of course the same silent Dimtards were all triggered when the Iranian Terrorist Master-in-Chief just happened to stray into the impact area of American Hellfire missiles.

(Image by: A.F. Branco)

Back inside the Ramparts of Civilization, the Empire State's "catch and release with no bail" law came under fire when suspected bank robber is suspected of committing a robbery the day after his bail-free release.  (I've glanced over a few other examples).

And it looks like Virginia may be Ground Zero for American Civil War 2.0.

The Republicans in Virginia managed to lose the state legislature and now the Birthplace of Liberty is ruled by gun-grabbing tyrants who wasted no time in implementing their Wish List against their fellow law-abiding Virginians.

However, a virtual-legislative Lexington & Concord erupted with over 100 cities and counties declaring themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries.

I admit this was a lot to unpack in one post.

But I assure you there is a common theme connecting all these widely separate dots:  Dimtards always choose America's enemies-foreign and domestic--over America.

As for the oblivious snowflake masses who follow their political masters...

(Image by: A.F. Branco)

...they're too blinded by TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) and neo-Marxist indoctrination to see they'll be victims too in a Workers' Paradise of Amerika.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Libtards Lose It Over Loss of Terrorist Commander

(Image by Chip Bok)

While many of us inside the Ramparts of Civilization were ringing-in "the Roaring 20s 2.0," Iranian-backed groups of Shi'ite militia attempted to roar into the American Embassy in Baghdad.

The American Ministry of Truth went into full-fake news mode by calling the military-age males assaulting our embassy "protesters," or "mourners."  Then the chattering class wondered if this incident was Our Grand Nagus' "Benghazi."

They didn't have to wonder long.

By Friday, 3 January, Qasem_Soleimani, commander of Iran's Islamic_Revolutionary_Guard_Corps (IRGC), and his entourage, found themselves within the impact area of a Hellfire missile strike.

Since then, all Hell has broken loose among Dimtards, libtards and snowflakes.

Wimpy libtards apologized to Iran and begged for mercy.

YouTuber Sargon of Akkad hosted the "best" celebrity tweets of their collective grovelling.

Dan Bongino wondered what team are the Dimtards on?

Not only were libtards mourning the loss of another "austere religious scholar," but hysteria over "World War III" and a return of the Draft reached fever-pitch, causing the Selective Service website to crash.

Several commentators have been calling out folks on the right for wanting to "nuke Tehran," or other such calls for full-escalation of tension.

Paul Joseph Watson highlighted all the World War Cringe across the political spectrum.

I 'm not calling for escalation, but I'm all for taking evildoers, regardless of their bona fides.  I never bought-in to the mind-set that taking out a bad guy only upsets all the other bad guys.  T

Besides, the hue & cry going on in Iran now hasn't changed since the Iranian_Revolution.

(Image by A.F. Branco)

Sure, Our Grand Nagus upset the 40-year proxy war Iran has been waging against us by sending a clear message

The current situation kinda reminds me of the Star Trek episode A Taste of Armageddon:  An alpha-male has upset the "acceptable level of violence" apple cart and folks on both sides of the on-going undeclared war are freaking out.

Despite the rhetoric by the Iranians and the war-draft hysteria here in America, the likelihood of an all-out war appears to be low for now.

The Diplomad recommends we should be open to negotiations with Iran--but tell them we will dismantle their entire infrastructure if they continue to escalate.

While the "Trump Doctrine" has humiliated foreign enemies and domestic libtards, the Dimtards aren't taking Our Grand Nagus' action lying down.  Nancy Pelosi--who still hasn't forwarded the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate--is concocting a new & improved War Powers Resolution.

Meanwhile, as we wait for possible retaliation by the Iranians--or the Dimtards--we can at least enjoy the plethora of memes the sprung up within hours of Soleimani's unlamented demise.

Here's some of my favorites:

(Image by Danger Zone Entertainment)

(Image found on Facebook)

(Image found on Facebook)

This is my #1 choice:

(Image found on Facebook)
I don't know why, but I find memes involving Conan the Dog to be especially funny, which is odd because I'm not what one would call a "dog lover."

I shared the Conan & Trump image with the following comment:  Our Grand Nagus received top professional advice before authorizing the strike against Soleimani.

Anyway, if written parody is more your style, there's these gems...

The People's Cube has a faux romance cover for terrorist eulogies while satire site, Babylon Bee claims Democrats called for flags to be flown at half-staff to grieve the death of Soleimani.

I'm sure there'll be more incidents to come that we'll find both amusing and appalling as we near Election Day 2020.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Merry Impeachmas

(Image by Tom Stiglich)

Well, last week to the surprise of absolutely no one, the Dimtard-led House of Representatives voted to impeach Our Grand Nagus.

This on-going soft coup is part history and part reality TV.

The hypocrisy during this Winter Act of Political Theater was on full display as the Dimtards' somber charade fooled no one...

(Image by Pat Cross)

...except for all the non-FOX News commentators.

Us like-minded folks know the real reason the Dimtards have been pushing for impeachment--ever since the morning after Election Day 2016:

(Image by A.F. Branco)

I wanted to get my $0.02 worth posted four days ago in somewhat of a timely manner.

However, I got overtaken by pre-Christmas preparations and medical appointments.

And to be honest, like a growing number of Americans, the Impeachment of Our Grand Nagus is the last thing on my mind.

(Image by Tom Stiglich)

What does have everyone's attention is Nancy Pelosi attempting to dictate how the Senate should conduct it's version of impeachment.

Especially, since every Dimtard in the House of Representatives declared Our Grand Nagus a "clear and present danger" to Amerika America.

Stilton's Place calls this political power-grab Swndler's List.

Despite the Dimtards attempt to usurp Trump the Usurper, us like-minded folks have a "Christmas Wish" for 2020:

(Image by Gary Varvel)

Until then folks, Merry Christmas 2019 and Happy New Year.

Monday, December 16, 2019

False Prophet of the Year--2019

(Image by Pat Cross)

Last week amid Trump Impeachment Theatre and the UK's conservative landslide election victory, Time crowned Greta Thunberg Person of the Year.

Time's Person of the Year has a track record of controversy.  But this is the first time I can recall the magazine honoring a Biblical-style false prophet.

Not being one to rest on her laurels, Greta demanded world leaders be put world leaders against the wall if they don't collectively cave-in to her climatastrophe tantrums.

Not one to shy away from a confrontation, Out Grand Nagus tweeted that Little Miss How Dare You should "chill out."

Which of course triggered woketards like CNN's entire newsroom and former funnyman Jimmy Kimmel into defending their pint-sized Prophetess of Doom.

Which is probably what Trump had in mind all along.

(Image by Mike Lester)
What us normal human being see is a teenage girl, with mental and emotional issues being used as a political pawn and human shield by the adults handling her and supporting her.

Plus, unlike tactlessly attempting to drag Barron Trump into the political ring, Greta is a true-believing zealot.

What us like-minded folks also see is that climate alarmists and their woketard cheerleaders don't see the consequences of ill-thought-out policies are actually enacted.

(Image by Ken Catalino)
Good luck, woketards in Tweeting what outrages you when the plug is pulled.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Pentagon Papers 2.0

(Image by Steve Breen)

I never read any of The Pentagon Papers.  I was still in grade school when the scandal initially erupted, was aware of the gist of the issue but never bothered to delve deeply into it.

Basically, a number of leaders and sections of the Department of Defense lied to Congress and the American public about various aspects of the US involvement in the Vietnam War.

One would think "The Pentagon" learned its lesson.

Apparently not.

Amid all the nothingburgers Congressional Dimtards are cooking up attempting to unseat Trump the Usurper, a true bombshell detonated earlier this week.

The Washington Post (WaPo) broke the story of confidential documents revealed US officials failed to tell the truth about the war in Afghanistan.

My paltry experience in the post-9/11 middle east consists of three 3-month rotations and none of them were to Afghanistan.

One of my friends at work was assigned to a special operations support unit and has 4 year-long rotations under his belt.

He said that when he noticed the civilian contractors in Afghanistan outnumbered military personnel, he figured all we were doing was "feeding the military-industrial complex."

My comment to Comrade Karla who informed us of this debacle was: 

Lessons learned from 'Nam & The 'Stan--
--Kill bad guys
--break their toys
--forgo "nation-building/winning-the-hearts-and-minds,"
--leave enemy-held facilities a smoking ruin.

His response:  Rubble makes no trouble.

Seriously, I'm all for punitive raids, like "Bag Baghdadi," but I'd rather not see America continue shedding blood & treasure in shithole countries with no clear-cut objective of achieving victory.

Monday, December 9, 2019

Dimtards Officially Announce the Official Articles of Impeachment

(Image by:  A.F. Branco)

First, we had the Preliminary Impeachment Hearings against Our Grand Nagus.

Then we had The “Official” Impeachment Hearings.

And last week, Nancy Pelosi of “Scat Francisco,” announced the Official call for Articles of Impeachment against Trump the Usurper.

The House Judiciary Committee quickly followed suit and issued their hallowed “Constitutional grounds” of impeachment.

I could have posted about this a few days ago.  But my time was limited and it was either posting another dreary entry about Impeachment Theatre, or writing and mailing out my Christmas cards in a timely manner.

The Christmas cards won out.

And speaking of Christmas, us normal folks would like some “...Peace on Earth and Goodwill Towards Man...” this Holiday Season.  However, the Officially Official Articles of Impeachment was Inevitable, but the rest of this “movie” is predictable, but is also like “ big, fat prank being played on us all...”

While concept of unseating Trump the Usurper seems like a wet-dream come true for everyone attending DNC conferences, or hanging-out in faculty lounges, the Dimtards are on thin ice and heading for a virtual iceberg.

First of all, their less-than-stellar witnesses “...had no evidence, only opinions...”

(Image by: A.F. Branco)

Second, their Impeachment nonsense could hurt them in key swing states, while Shifty Schiff’s Secret Subpoenas could end with “legal buckshot” in his face.

Last but not least, even fellow Democrats concede they will “...lose some votes...” and even warned of being “...careful of what you wish for...”

However, the Dimtards aren’t being careful and have chosen to double-down at every opportunity since the 2016 Presidential Election.

Regardless of the impeachment vote outcome in the House of Representatives, unless there are 67 closet Deep Staters in the Senate, the leaky SS Impeachment will strike the Senate Iceberg.

(Image by Lisa Benson)
Basically, it looks like the Dimtards may have “...handed Trump the 2020 Election...”

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Chick Fillet Turns Chicken Against SJWs

(Image by Gary Varvel)

Amid all the hoopla of last week's "Schiff Show," or the Dimtards' attempt at overthrowing Trump the Usurper via "impeachment," the beleaguered fast-food franchise, Chick-Fil-A came under fire.


This time the Ministry of Truth also smeared the Salvation Army as "anti-LGBT."

And unlike previous assaults by the Woketards of the Twitterverse, Chick-Fil-A caved and will no longer be donating to the Salvation Army, which peeved conservatives.

(Image by Michael Ramirez)

Both companies issued statements.  While Chick-Fil-A made excuses, the Salvation Army expressed its disappointment.

Contrary to the fake-news image of being a Bastion of Bigotry, Chick-Fil-A has quite a track record of donating to leftist organizations.

But as both Liz Wheeler and Lauren Chen pointed out:

Don't give in to the rage mob.


Because you can only appease them when they destroy you.
(Image by Mike Lester)

I haven't seen any conservatives calling for a boycott, nor am I going to do so, but Chick-Fil-A turning chicken against Social Justice Whiners (SJWs) is disheartening.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

The Official Schiff Show Officially Begins

(Image by Steve Breen)

Well, the "Schiff Show," more commonly known as the Official Impeachment Hearing of Donald Trump (for being Donald Trump), began this week.

And like the folks at Stilton's Place, I'd love to say that I'm deeply looking forward to not watching it. Ever. For any reason.

Unfortunately, when I'm on duty we have to have our section's four TVs tuned to the news.  When I'm with a non-conservative partner, then the news broadcasts reflect Steve Breen's cartoon above.

It's as if the news is reporting on two different countries.

Like many of you like-minded folks, I view this whole charade as a soft coup, an attempt to unseat Our Grand Nagus, because the Dimtards are afraid none of their candidates could defeat him in the 2020 Presidential Election.

The NY Post cover captured the show trial sentiment perfectly.

(Image from:  Tammy Bruce's website)

This opening week of the Schiff Show shows that policy differences between Our Grand Nagus and the Swamp-Dwelling Deep Staters is an impeachable offense.

The Diplomad, "...a former denizen of the Foggy Bottom Swamp..." calls this a new whine in an old battle.

And Canadian commentator, Mark Steyn, carries on the charge once more into Fogged Bottom.

Meanwhile, for the accused, due process has been thrown out the window.

Schiff and his Big Brother Tech allies are censoring any mention of the so-called whistleblower.

For instance, YouTuber Tim Pool, found himself suspended from Facebook due to "crime activity."

(Image from:  Stilton's Place)
Basically, keep digging against Trump--and his supporters--until the clowns running the circus find something they consider a crime against their sensibilities.

(Image by Lisa Benson)