Saturday, December 16, 2017

G-Men Colluding with Clinton

(Image by Bob Gorrell)

While I was either at work, or engaged in pre-Christmas activities (decorating the house, shopping for presents), news broke that there was in fact meddling in the 2016 election.

But said meddling doesn't jive with the libtard media's RussiaRussiaRussia narrative.

Instead, there's mounting evidence of 2016 election meddling coming from swamp-dwellers within the FBI.

Sometimes it takes an outsider to explain things more clearly.  Canadian Mark Steyn gives us a Top 10 of the co-dependents of the "independent" counsel.

Last night, Sean Hannity and his guest discussed the G-Mens' collusion with Clinton.
But the problem goes beyond election finagling.

Paul Joseph Watson's latest video highlights the Left's attempts, on both sides of the Atlantic, to derail the will of the people.

When all this was unfolding, I mentioned to Comrade Karla that we've reached banana republic levels of corruption.

I thought our government was better than this.

I guess I was wrong.

(Image by Glenn McCoy)

Friday, December 1, 2017

Prager U Video: Just Say "Merry Christmas"

Well we're now in the final month of The Triggering Season, which started with Indigenous Peoples Day (formerly Columbus Day), followed by Costume Outrage Day (formerly Halloween), and have just passed the Day of Mourning (formerly Thanksgiving).

The Holidays (formerly Christmas and New Year) are rapidly approaching.

Dennis Prager masterfully deconstructed the leftists' fetish of using the phrase "Happy Holidays" in this year-old video.

Personally, I use the term "Happy Holidays" when greeting people I don't know, or will probably never see until after New Year's Day.  So I do use it as an inclusive term, but not in the manner leftists want me to.

Plus I'm more likely to use the expression the closer we get to Christmas Day.  It sounds ridiculous to cling to the expression "Happy Holidays" when you're out and about on Christmas Eve.

And it irks me that leftists are Hell-bent on eradicating the word "Christmas" from the calendar and from every social function that occurs within the month of December.

Best wishes to all of you this Christmas Season.

Monday, November 27, 2017

The Great Whitedoors

Now that the Holiday Season is upon us, many people will "hit the slopes," or do whatever winter-ish activity their locale, or vacation destination has to offer.

However, to at least one college snowflake doing so is exerting one's White Supremacy.

WTF!?  Seriously?

Just when you think there's nothing left for libtards to be triggered over, they come up with some other fun and/or normal activity that should be cast down the Memory Hole.

Kinda like our jihadist enemies.

It's no wonder why they get along so well.

Louder With Crowder concludes:  There's no pleasing these dinguses.

Diogene's Middle Finger wonders if waking up stupid every day is painful.

Apparently so, for one to be constantly triggered.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Pick Your Turkey for Thanksgiving 2017

(Image by Bob Gorrell)

Well, a lot has gone on news-wise, fake or otherwise, since my last post.  Too much for me to try to catch up on, and it's stuff(ing) that you probably already know about.

So I thought I'd start the 2017 Holiday Season on a humor-ish note with Bob Gorrell's do-it-yourself cartoon.  You can pick your own "turkey" among the flock of distractions.

The sad irony is:  There's no right or wrong answer.  Kinda like K-12's Common Core (talk about a Turkey of Thanksgiving Past).

Despite the chaos and uncertainty going on inside and outside the Ramparts of Civilization, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Media's Big Lies of Omission and Circulation Shrinkage

(Image by Robert Ariail)

Before the creation of CNN, there were only three major networks:  ABC, CBS and NBC.

All of who, along with MSNBC, love airing the dirty laundry...

(Image by Lisa Benson)

...of Republican politicians.

A couple weeks ago the Clintonian corruption made the news--again.

However, if you only get your news from television's original triumvirate, you'd never know that Hillary is now in the epicenter of the Russian Collusion Scandal.

I use to think MSNBC was the shrillest of the news networks.  But it looks like cable news trendsetting CNN hit rock-bottom--and has started to dig.

None of the latest "bombshells" are too surprising.  They've merely confirmed what us like-minded folks suspected all along:  That the "unbiased" media, isn't as unbiased as they claim to be.

(Image by Bob Gorrell--I've used this one before.  It's too good to pass up!)

But it's not just television that's turning off a lot of viewers.

Greg Gutfeld explains why magazines suck.

I never paid any attention to the pop culture magazines mentioned in The Five's video. 

I use to subscribe to Military History magazine, and would read each issue cover-to-cover.  Then several years ago the articles took a distinct leftward turn.  Even after getting barraged by angry Letters to the Editor, the editorial politburo continued it's long march.  I let my subscription lapse and haven't read a single issue since.

Now I see a similar turn with Writer's Digest, a magazine supposedly about writing and getting published.  In every issue, at least one author has to toss-in some leftist political-social comment.  I'm letting my subscription to this magazine lapse too.

At least I'll be uncluttering my mailbox and maybe even reduce my carbon footprint.

While I get a sense of shadenfreude over the shrinking subscriptions and viewerships of these lefty businesses, I won't get excited over any open secret bombshells about Bill & Hill...

(Another image by Bob Gorrell)

...until they're indicted, and behind bars--without bail.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Hannity Video: Nothing was going to stop Clinton's blind ambition

Well it seems like there was an attempt to steal the 2016 Presidential Election--by Our Would-Be Corrupt Queen Hillary.

I'm wish I could say I was excited about this revelation.  Hillary should have been arrested and convicted before the election.  So I'm not holding my breath on confirmation of her hostile take-over of the DNC.

The one funny thing about this not-so surprising the latest tidbit of the on-going Hillarygate is that despite all her corrupt finagling and funneling of dirty funding--she still lost the election.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Paul Joseph Watson Video: The Truth About the NYC Terror Attack

Two days ago while I was on duty, we watched the story of the terrorist attack in NYC that left 8 people dead.

Since I had my television at work tuned to FOX News, I didn't hear any of the "nothing to do with Islam" newspeak, Paul Joseph Watson talks about in his video.

Especially since this piece of shit feels good about what he did and wants an ISIS flag in displayed in his hospital room.

I also agree with Mark Steyn on this--yet another terrorist attack:  Leftists, and some on the Right, are on the wrong path.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


In America everyone can hear snowflakes can scream.

Unfortunately, the scream helplessly at the sky event a week from today, won't be held in deep space so the rest of us can't hear their sore-losing wailing tantrums.

But at least as Paul Joseph Watson mentioned in his video, there'll be plenty of post-scream footage which may help ensure Our Grand Nagus wins a second term.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Video: Gutfeld--Redbook's moronic attack on Halloween costumes

Well the Triggering Season is upon us.  Halloween is tomorrow and chances are snowflakes may be triggered over costumes.

I thought I posted about this last month when an article popped up reminding parents of white kids not to dress them up as Disney's Moana.  But I can't find it in my blog history.

Anyway, "lost episodes" aside, as Greg's monologue is spot-on about this concept is actually encouraging racial segregation.

Social Justice Whiners will whine about anything and everything and attempts at debating them will de-evolve into a circular argument.

Ben Shapiro, who's no fan of adults dressing-up, nails it in this video, calling this issue being a masterpiece of stupidity.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Roaming Millennial Video: Dear College Snowflakes, No One Takes You Seriously | Lafayette Response

I've been watching Roaming Millennial 's pleasant videos for about a year now.

Her most recent vlog post was a response to her experience at triggering all the snowflakes for her support for Our Grand Nagus at Lafayette College (full video).

RM is braver than I am.  I certainly wouldn't want to face such a mob.

This incident is just one facet of the Left's long post-election tantrum.

Although I have to disagree with her somewhat.  I do take snowflakes and social justice whiners seriously.  Seriously enough to never want to see their hands on the levers of power.

As an aside:  If you watch any RM video, you might be branded as a White Supremacist.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Sweeping Sh*t is Insensitive

Anyone who isn't a social justice whiner (SJW) knows that good hygiene goes a long way at reducing or eliminating the transmission of diseases.

Unfortunately, the People's Democratic Republic of Seattle's Politburo is full of SJWs.  Or enough of them to veto common-sense proposals.

A few months ago, a Seattle Councilman claimed that hosing down poop-covered sidewalks might be racially insensitive.

My visits to Seattle are becoming less frequent, thanks mostly to ever growing insanity displayed by Seattlites.