Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Seeing Red in the Green New Deal

(Image by Gary Varvel)

A lot happened last week—

—Our Grand Nagus declared a National Emergency for our porous border with Mexico.

—The DOJ/FBI at one point and to all intents-and-purposes discussed initiating a coup against Trump the Usurper.

But biggest on-going story revolved around Alexandra Occassio-Cortez (AOC), or “Comissar Cortez,” as I’ll call her.

I wanted to post everything newsworthy about earlier last week, but so much came out—and is still coming out—about Commissar Cortez’s vision of the Workers’ Paradise of Amerika.

It all started during the Martin Luther King Weekend, Occasional-Cortex declared the world is going to end in 12 years.

After Our Grand Nagus’ excellent SOTU (see previous post), Commissar Cortez went full Marxist—and has taken a good chunk of the Democratic Party, and their snowflake minions with her.

(Image by Pat Cross)

Many of already know all about the Green New Deal (GND), although I’ve met a few who haven’t.  If you have, consider this a “week in review.”

Republicans slammed it, Our Grand Nagus slammed it, Stuart Varney called it economic nonsense.  But of course, Dimocrats love it.  Cory Booker compared it to the moon landing.


The main beef about the bill is that it’s heavy on socialism, but light on saving the environment.

(Image by Tom Stiglich)

The GND is nothing short of a complete socialist take over of America, which Commissar Cortez 
denies—but has no problem with it.  YouTuber, Tim Pool, called it a Socialist Trojan Horse.

Liz Wheeler provided  5 things you need to know about the GND, while Steven Crowder had 4 takeaways

Kennedy observed that democratic socialists invent imaginary issues, along with calling the GND a fantasy resolution, while Roaming Millennial called it environmental racism, and Mark Steyn said both Commissar Cortez and her GND were denying reality

(Image by A.F. Branco)

One would think that after the notification of the GND with great fanfare, Team Cortez would stand by their bill. But when the criticism and ridicule hit Team Cortez like a tsunami, they back peddled, lied and attempted to gaslight the public

Republicans and conservative commentators had a week-long—and counting—field day over the GND.

While I think it’s something we can currently laugh at—we shouldn’t laugh this off.  Daisy Cousens warned not to underestimate her or the damage she could do

Commissar Cortez just gave us their entire playbook if the Democrats ever get super majorities in both houses of Congress and win the presidency.  Which is the only “good” thing the boys of Blue Collar Logic can see in the GND.

We could be dealing with Comissar Cortez for decades and be one election away from making America Venezuela.

(Image by Gary Varvel)

With the Donkey Drove re-assembling for the 2020 Presidential Election, here are some of the immediate repercussions of the GND—

—Diamond & Silk declared Commissar Cortez makes the Democrats look crazy.

—Steve Hilton thought the GND will be the gift that keeps on giving for the GOP.

—As for the Democrats, Tim Pool called Commissar Cortez is dangerously ignorant and is fracturing their party.

Let’s hope we put socialism & communism back on to the Ash Heap of History—and keep them there.

(Image by Michael Ramirez)

Monday, February 11, 2019

Leftist Triggered by Trump's SOTU (2019)

(Image by Michael Ramirez)
Last Tuesday (5 February), I was on-duty and was able to watch most of Our Grand Nagus' State of the Union (SOTU) Address (entire video via PBS).

I liked it, so did The Diplomad, and about 76% of the viewers polled by CNN. Michael Barone found Trump's SOTU surprisingly reflective and disciplined, while The Amazing Lucas said Trump "killed it."

You know who didn't like Trump the Usurper's speech?

(Image by Chip Bok)

Democrats, and leftists in-general.

(Image by Henry Payne)

Not what I'd call a surprise.

Liz Wheeler provided us with a synopsis on the 8 things Democrats refused to applaud for.

They didn't even like being called "Democrats" and prefer to be called "Democratic."

To be honest, I didn't know this.  I thought the term "Democratic" referred to a political process and not a political party.

Anyway, the "Dimocrats" as my friend & I like to call them, certainly showed their true colors during the SOTU...

(Image by A.F. Branco)

Friday, January 25, 2019

Conservative Counter-Offensive in Covingtongate

(Image by:  A.F. Branco)

I first heard about the Case of the Covington Catholic High School Kids from a coworker while I was on duty Saturday night (19 Jan 2019).

He mentioned in-passing about a claim that some white kids wearing MAGA hat harassed a Native American elder had been debunked.

I thought that would be the end of the story.

It wasn't until a couple days later, after fully waking-up from a night shift, that I realized just how extensive the fake news smear campaign waged against the Covington Kids was.

Since my initial post a couple days ago, more backlash articles, videos and YouTube commentaries sprung up in defense of the Covington Kids.

The Covington Catholic High School was closed on Tuesday (22 Jan 2019), due to threats against the students and the school in-general.

One Chaperone said their kids were targeted.

Some celebrities tried walking back their attacks. Sort of.

But the Covington Kids are still guilty by many leftists of being:

1. White.
2. Wearing MAGA hats.

(Image by Chip Bok)

Mo Mo tweeted this in response to NBC News' accusation:

Good question.

So far the only half-assed retractions made by the media networks and publications has been over Nathan Phillips' lie about being a Vietnam War veteran.  However, they are still carrying his crying wolf of harassment claim.

In fact, as the Amazing Lucas pointed out in a follow-up video, the media tripled-down on the Covington Kids.

(Image by Bob Gorell)

The controversy, or as Tim Poll asserts, Civil War 2.0, was the led story in Daisy Cousens' This Week in Social Justice (Fails).

Sargon of Akkad showed how leftist biases were "confirmed" by playing devil's advocate in his Covington KKK video.

(Image by Mike Lester)

Many leftists continue to go full-libtard over this fake news about racism, which Derek Hunter called it the soft bigotry of liberal preconceptions.

However, like Mark Steyn earlier, Tucker Carlson outed conservatives on his show a few nights ago who joined the virtue signal stampede.  He concluded this incident was our elites having power and crushing anyone who opposes them.

Since both sides of the social-political divide got triggered over this fake news fracas, Steven Crowder laid-out the Top Three Lessons of the MAGA Hat Kids Hoax.

Let's see if anyone adheres to it.

I must admit I never read George Orwell's 1984.  (We read Animal Farm in our high school English class instead).

So during these past few days I learned another creepy, Orwellian term to describe what the Covington Catholic School Boys were "guilty" of:


Fortunately, there seems to be a growing push-back by conservatives.

Vincent James called the incident The Smirk That Awakened the Masses.

And Lauren Chen said lawsuits may be in the making.

Kurt Schlichter thinks the Covington Kids have a case (but it won't be an easy one).

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Fake News Fricasseed by Fact Checks

(Image by Tom Stiglich)
Over the Martin Luther King weekend, a story went viral on Twitter about a group of white teenage boys, wearing MAGA hats, surrounding and taunting an elderly Native American man at the Lincoln Memorial.

The internet exploded with outrage--to include calls for the boys to be doxed, assaulted and murdered--over this blatant incident of racism in the Nation's Capital.

By Monday, thanks to diligent YouTubers--who did the job journalists won't do--only two facts proved to be true.

1.  The boys were white high students from Covington Catholic High School, KY.
2.  They were wearing MAGA hats.

Everything else about the story turned out to be false.


Did the lamestream news media issue retractions?


Did the members of the social media mob issue apologies, or delete their posts?

Some did.

To say I'm appalled at the amount and intensity of the invective spewed against these boys is an understatement.

Since further words fail me, I'll present a series of links to tell this sordid story.

One of the first YouTubers to provide an even-handed account was Tim Pool, who on Sunday (20 Jan 2019) provided there was more to this story.

The following day, Tim came to the conclusion that it was the Native American lied, the media is covering for him and social media is doing nothing.

And of course, Hollyweird celebrities, like Chris Evans who played Captain America, went "full Hydra" and called for doxing the Covington boys.

(Image by A.F. Branco)

But it wasn't Democrats, snowflakes, and social justice whiners who got triggered by this fake news story.  Mark Steyn called-out the RINOs who joined the virtue-signal stampede.

Not only did last weekend's MAGA Teen Racist Narrative wither under the harsh light of fact checking, but the story of the Native American, Nathan Phillips, being a Vietnam War veteran started to come into question.

In fact, Phillips has a history of activism.  Shortly after the incident at the Lincoln Memorial, he tried disrupting a Catholic mass.

First, the folks at This Ain't Hell, requested Phillips' service records.  Then the next day the WaPo corrected their story about Phillips serving in Vietnam.

None of this, however, has quelled the social media mobs baying for blood.

As one friend reported about his leftists coworkers:  "...it doesn't matter what the facts are, the initial take on the story points to a basic truth, which is what matters."

So we can count on the Two Minutes of Hate directed at the Covington Students to continue.  Or, as Independent Man likened it to an NPC mantra Red Hat Boy Bad.

Liz Wheeler said this is why you can't trust the mainstream media (which includes the ongoing RussiaRussiaRussia Investigation).

And Brittany Hughes asked: Haven't we had enough yet?

At least Paul Joseph Watson assured us that it's okay to smirk and Guy Benson explained why the Covington Case matters to conservatives.

It's also been noted, primarily by Guy Benson and Tim Pool, that one or two of the Twitter accounts were fake and outside the US.  One would assume since leftists are still triggered over Our Grand Nagus' Russian Collusion, they'd be wary of anything on social media.

Or the mainstream media for that matter.

I trust our neighborhood trash collectors over both of them.

Speaking of which...
(Image by Lisa Benson)

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Business Advice from Boromir

(Image crated using Make A Meme

The other day I thought I'd contribute to the plethora of Borormir memes and concoct one alluding to the Gillette commercial I recently wrote about. 

I only posted it on Facebook to my own page and a couple of military sites.

The military guys all liked it to some degree, or at least tolerated it.

The reactions from folks seeing it on my personal page were a bit varied.  Most people liked it, but I managed to trigger a few folks. 

One of them was a cousin of mine.  He was actually nice about it and debated with me about the tone of the Gillette commercial. 

An acquaintance made a comment relating the Gillette commercial to Nike's Colin Kapernich one, along with a couple of likes or sad-faces in response to the debate I was having with my cousin.

Then there was a fellow table-top gamer who posted this:  "...If this commercial insulted you then you are one of the people it is directed at..."

I didn't think twice about responding and instead unfriended him, knowing full-well that I'll frequently run into him during local gaming events.

This is essentially the same attitude the Gillette commercial imposes on men:  If you are not going to be part of the "solution," (as Gillette and their SJW minions see it), then you are part of the problem.

I just want a peaceful, clean shave each morning.

But this is also typical of the Regressives:  People must be bombarded by political-social messages 24/7/365--with overtime on the "patriarchal," "sexist," and "racist" holidays.

I'll leave you with Sargon of Akkad's The Best Men Can Be: An Autopsy.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Gillette Shaves Off Men's Masculinity

(Image used by Fan Advocacy Network's YouTube video)

There's a lot of important news floating around the airwaves and cyberspace, such as--

--The US Government remains partially shut down, over the "manufactured border crisis."

--Four American soldiers were killed by a suicide bomber in Syria, etc.

So why go on about this week's shitty ad by Gillette?

It matters because it's the latest salvo in the regressive's War on Men, or at least hating men.

That men are collectively guilty of bullying and sexism.  Even the American Psychological Association (APA) hopped on board the SJW crazy-train claiming traditional masculinity is harmful.

This matters in the same way it matters that law abiding gun owners are accused of being collectively guilty for mass shootings.

Only worse, because not every man--even in America--owns a firearm.

And it's not just any-old men that the commercial slams.

According to Paul Joseph Watson's video, the men exhibiting bad behavior are mostly white, while the good guys are mostly minority men.

Even if the commercial were indeed a mere harmless virtue signal by Gillette to display it's Get Woke [Go Broke] bona-fides, we don't don't need Life lessons from a razor company.

(Image from Keri Smith's article Gillette Goes for Woke)
At least one marketing professor said a company makes a grave mistake by alienating a portion of its customers.

The actual commercial has earned over 708K dislikes vs. 331K likes at the time of this writing.  But among the YouTube videos I've watched on this topic, there are claims of Gillette deleting comments and finagling the like/dislike facts.

And it's not just us men who don't like the commercial (or the social-political implications of it).

Women dislike it too--

--Liz Wheeler said men are not the problem.

--Daisy Cousens from Down Under said this "Toxic Masculinity" ad is WRONG.  (And just 40 seconds into her show asks "why the Hell would you use the Young Turks?").

 --Lauren Chen (a.k.a. The Roaming Millennial) slams the "Men Do Better!" mantra.

--Michelle Malkin wrote about Proctor & Gamble's toxic sanctimony. Nor was this the first time, Proctor & Gamble produced an SJW-tainted commercial.

The commercial though does have it's supporters.

Gillette's Facebook Page showed a total of 134K responses.
If you click on the emoticons, you get this expanded breakdown:  64K likes followed by 60K dislikes, 7.2K angry, 1.2 hilarious, 536 ambiguous wows, and 127 sad.

And if your the solitary lefty on The Five--you throw in racism for good measure.

No matter what Gillette's rationale was for concocting this ad, as I posted on their Facebook promotion:

Gillette has cut itself open to being meme-fodder.

(Picture found on Img Flip)

Friday, January 11, 2019

Border Crisis and Continued Government Shutdown

(Image by Henry Payne)

Earlier this week, Our Grand Nagus addressed the nation on border security, making his case to fund The Wall.

Of course, Schumer and Pelosi made a televised counter-speech, which became instant meme-fodderTownhall determined two of the most popular memes.

The day after the dueling speeches, Trump met with Chuck & Nancy for a few minutes--literally.

So we remain at an impasse both on border security and the government shutdown.

(Image by A.F. Branco)

Meanwhile, the non-FOX News media sided with Chuck & Nancy claiming the border crisis is "fake news." However, even the WaPo concedes there is, in fact, a crisis along the border.

Despite this concession, most of the media is throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks.

Several conservative commentators were relieved Our Grand Nagus didn't declare a state of emergency.  (See Guy Benson's Good, Bad & Ugly about the stalemate).

Of course, Dimocrats and the snowflake minions have flipped-out over the notion.

However, according to at least one law professor, Trump the Usurper does have the power to declare a national emergency--thanks in large part due to Democrats acquiescing power to the Executive Branch over the years.

Chuck & Nancy's lies about the border may have been detrimental to their cause:  Population Replacement. 

But it's not just Dimocrats, left-wing media, and assorted SJWs.  Plenty of RINOs don't want the wall either.

In other words, lots of folks in "The Swamp" fear a change in the status quo.

(Image by Tom Stiglich)

Saturday, January 5, 2019

The "Truth" Behind Brexit

One of the movies Social Justice Whiners across the pond will have to look forward to this year is:  Brexit.  (See attached trailer above).

This is suppose to expose the "truth" behind the UK's decision to leave the European Union (EU).

Translation:  Her Majesty's subjects were duped into voting for a British Exit, or "Brexit" from the EU-ocracy by a social media savvy con-man.

What caught my eye about this YouTube post was there were 9.8K "thumbs-up" vs. 1.5K "thumbs-down" over this movie trailer.

You'd think a 9:1 approval rating would reflect in the comments section.

Not so.  Or at least not that I've seen.

Every comment below the one I made was negative and disparaging, or at least wondering if this was a joke.

It makes me wonder who--or what--is giving this movie trailer nearly 10 thousand thumbs-up.

Bots?  NPCs?

One would assume that potential viewers of Brexit--the movie--and supporters of the "People's Vote," a 2nd Referendum on Brexit--the democratic vote--would also post their views on this matter.

Meanwhile, long before the leftist, anti-Brexit propaganda film gets aired, a number of commentators have already given us the truth--without quotation marks--

--Back in March 2018, Nigel Farage explained why Britain left the European Union.

--In October, Pat Condell didn't spare anyone's feelings over the "Crybaby Vote."

--And a week before Christmas David Cullen also explained Brexit and the laughable People's Vote Campaign.

While the Brexit issue may have little direct impact on the lives of us American conservatives, we certainly understand the plight of our British cousins.  We've been experiencing similar public and political tantrums ever since Crooked Queen Hillary's coronation was derailed by Trump the Usurper in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Leftists--on both sides of the Atlantic--are sore losers, or "Regressives" as many of us like-minded folks are calling them.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Dimocrats Deaf on Defending Americans

(Image by A.F. Branco)

The day after Christmas 2018, Corporal Ranil Singh of the Newman CA PD was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant while conducting a traffic stop.

A timeline of the shooting and the arrest of the killer along with several accomplices has been provided by ABC News.

One would think in this case, where a naturalized-American police officer shot and killed by an illegal alien would make the "Dimtards" (formerly known as Democrats) realize our country needs the border wall Our Grand Nagus promised us.

Think again.

Not one CA Dimtard politician mentioned Cpl Singh's name.

But, hey.  What's a few more dead Americans if it means the Dimtards can score a few more political points?

So build The Wall already!

And please, no more "border security."

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Turmoil Over Trump's Trip to Troops

(Image by Mike Lester)

Okay, I know I went overboard on this post's alliterative title.  But I couldn't think of another story that qualified as an End-of-Year-What-the-Fuck, than Our Grand Nagus' surprise visit to our troops overseas.

The basic timeline was this--

--The lamestream media criticized Trump on Christmas Eve and Christmas for not visiting the troops in .  

--Then on the day after Christmas, when Our Gran Nagus showed up unexpectedly in Iraq, they lambasted him for visiting the troops.

Actually, the Ministry of Truth (a.k.a. left-wing media) went full Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Here are some examples of the symptoms--

--The cabal at CNN called Trump The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (I'm surprised they didn't say "The Holidays").

--There was the claim that Trump the Usurper violated ethics and campaign laws.

--And anytime Our Super-Model-in-Chief goes on such outings with her hubby, she comes under fire from misogynist, hypocritical commentators (personally, I think they're jealous she so stunning, classy and accomplished).

Conservative reaction to this latest outbreak of Trump Derangement Syndrome was swift--

--Tomi Lahren pointed out that the Left hates that our troops love Trump.

--White House spokesgal Sarah Huckabee condemned CNN for going after the troops.

--Jason Chaffetz, subbing-in for Sean Hannity, reminded viewers about the media silence when Obama signed personal items for the troops.

--Author and veteran Sean Parnell slammed the media for slamming Trump's visit.

--I like how Mark Steyn compared the FOBs (Forward Operating Bases) as dreary Crusader Forts.

--David Cullen could see this latest round of Trump Derangement Syndrome all the way from his home/studio in Ireland.

To finish this post in a flourish, one of my friends posted Curt Schilling's scathing retort to a triggered Ken Fitzgerald:

Happy New Year and best wishes to all of you in 2019!

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Government Shutdown Showdown Over The Border Wall

(Image by Michael Ramirez)

When the bells tolled midnight (EST) this past Friday, about a quarter of the US Government shut down.

The cause?

The impasse between Democrats and Republicans over funding the border wall between the US and Mexico.

Chucky Schumer offered to end the shutdown--Republicans abandoned funding for the wall.  Chucky claimed Democrats support REAL border security.

Yeah, right.  I guess this "real border security" kicks in when a arrested and deported more than 10 times.  That and the "Dimocrats" would rather pick a fight with the DHS Secretary (and threaten further scrutiny once they assume control of the House next month).

Now to be fair, the Republicans had to be cajoled into supporting the border wall funding.

(Image by Pat Cross)

There's been so much feet-dragging that the fiery Ann Coulter called Trump a gutless president in a wall-less country.  (Keep in mind Coulter was one of the earliest to predict Trump's rise to the presidency).

She wasn't the only one.  Michelle Malkin also slammed the GOP for wimping out on the wall.

At least the Republicans pretend to care about real border security.

Mark Rubio made an apt analogy by comparing the border security to TSA's airport security.

Which is something commentator Mark Steyn has been sounding off about for years now.  That instead of encasing public/tourist areas in bollards and barricades we extend the barricades to the border.

Of course the Ministry of Truth has blamed the Tyranny of Talk Radio (and FOX News) for the shutdown.

But Liz Wheeler pointed out that just over half of the American people want a border wall.

And Tucker Carlson explained that Democrats have stopped caring about the American people in order to gain permanent political power.

Gaining an maintaining power behind their own gated communities.

(Image by A.F. Branco)
The Diplomad suggested anyone against the wall should live in a door-less house.

Democrat politicians aren't the only ones wanting to open the City Gates to the invaders.  Social Justice Whiners (SJWs) and snowflakes are throwing in their lots with the illegal aliens.

GoFundMe campaign has raised $60K to buy ladders for illegal aliens to use in scaling the border wall.

At least there's a Christmas Miracle in response to the collaborators' attempt to circumvent border security:  A GoFundMe campaign to build the border wall surged past $13M.

Let's hope that Our Grand Nagus does more this Christmas Season than "turn on the White House lawn sprinklers."

(Image from Stilton's Place)
And that the government shutdown goes against the Dimocrats.