Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Real RussiaRussiaRussia Scandal

(Image by Lisa Benson)

Ever since the 2016 Election, Democrats and their media mouthpieces have been chasing their collective tails over the Russia Investigation.

Early last week, The Hill dropped this bombshell about a Russian bribery plot involving a presidential wannabe.

As it turned out though, the corrupt candidate who was exposed wasn't the one leftists were hoping for.

(Image by Glenn McCoy)

Tucker Carlson highlighted the Clinton cash trail in the real Russian collusion scandal--bribery involving the Hillary Clinton-approved sale of Uranium One.

A day later, Sean Hannity called-out the Democrats and media have lied about Russia this past year.

As Sean said, the media's been Hell-bent on fingering Our Grand Nagus, while editing out the Clintons' complicity, along with focusing on other news.

(Image by Mike Lester)

Before Sean's show aired, it was announced that a Senate judiciary committee will investigate Clinton-Russia corruption.

Mark Steyn asked at the end of his Uranium & Diarrhea Inc article:  Any chance justice will come a-callin' for the Clintons?

(Image by Michael Ramirez)

I'd like to think so, but the Clintons have proved to be a slippery, well-connected, and well protected family.

Even if this is fake news as Slate and Snopes say it is, I always thought selling 20% of our uranium reserves to Russia was one of many bad deals made by Barry O's reign of HopeandChange.

Friday, October 20, 2017

SJWs Sullying Sports (and Every Other Form of Entertainment)

(Image by Gary Varvel)

The NFL is getting sacked, in good part due to their players taking a knee during the National Anthem.

A recent NYT article pointed out that the NFL is one of the most divisive brands in America.

I'm not surprised.

What's also not a surprise is NFL is happy to insult America--until it impacts their bank accounts.

Here's some advice:  The clueless NFL, Hollywood celebs and rock stars should shut the Hell up about politics.

(Image by Glenn McCoy)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Hollyweird Hypocrisy Over Weinstein Sex Scandal

(Image by Steve Breen)

I try to ignore celebrity news as much as possible, especially when most of them use their fame for social justice whining (SJW).

While Harvey Weinstein isn't a celebrity per se, he was the producer providing the financial backing that launched, or at least perpetuated movie stars' celebrity status.

But nearly two weeks ago, allegations of sexual harassment--spanning decades--finally exploded on the scene.

Weintstein's serial sexual assaults seemed to have been an open secret among Hollyweirdos, and their media allies, like NBC which tried to kill the story.  It was also in Harvey's contract that as long as he shelled-out increasing amounts of hush-money, he wouldn't be fired.

Until the story got too big to ignore.

Of course, the Corrupt Queen couldn't let this scandal go to waste...

(Image by Chip Bok) calling Our Grand Nagus a "sexual assaulter," but considered Slick Willy's sexcapades was "old news."

(Image by Henry Payne)

Another bit of old news is the double standard:  GOP candidate's gaffe of "binders full of women" is bad, but sexual assaults by Democrats and their donors get swept under the casting couch.

Meanwhile, late night talk show hosts, like Crybaby Kimmel, who've scolded us on voting for Trump, clinging to our guns and wanting to see Obamacare repealed, suddenly realize they're not America's moral guardians after all.

They weren't our moral guardians to begin with and most people are tuning them out, along with sports, but that's a topic for another post.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Video: Memorials Vandalized by Columbus Day Protesters

Well, us like-minded folks knew leftists wouldn't be satisfied with defacing or destroying Confederate monuments.

Yesterday's Columbus Day activities by social justice whining (SJW) protesters, unfortunately proved us right.

And this is just the beginning of the "Triggering Season."

Halloween is just three weeks away, but SJWs were triggered over costumes before they went about defacing Columbus monuments.

They weren't too crazy about the sexy Fake News dress

Which was tame in comparison to one writer who SJW-splained  to Caucasian parents why your white kid shouldn't dress up as Moana for Halloween.

Yeah, "Foxtrot Yankee" lady. 

Little girls should be allowed to dress up as any Disney Princess they want to.

We still have Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching, which will give SJWs plenty of time to concoct more grievances against anyone trying to enjoy the holidays.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Video: Mark Steyn--Vegas Shooter's Social Media Profile 'Weirdly Blank'

Well it's been nearly a week since POS (Piece of Shit) Stephen Paddock opened fire on concert goers, killing 58 innocent people.

And no one's figured out what POS Paddock's motive(s) were, only that he was scouting out other locations.

The mystery surrounding Paddock was the manure which fertilized all sorts of conspiracy theories that have sprung up in the aftermath of the attack.

Paul Joseph Watson's video examined some of the strange things about the Las Vegas Massacre and debunked some of the myths.

While the investigation continues, politicians, along with the media and activist groups, need to STFU (Shut the Fuck Up) in their attempts to politicize the massacre.

(Image by Michael Ramirez)

Instead they should join us in mourning with the friends and families who lost loved ones, along with honoring the heroes who helped the victims.

(Image by Gary Varvel)

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Monday's Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

I was on duty the other night, so my partner and I watched the news unfold of the horrific shooting in Las Vegas.

At this time, Las Vegas PD, federal agencies are racing to uncover the gunman's motive.

Of course, leftists couldn't let a good tragedy go to waste.

Chief among them was Hillary Clinton, who tweeted a call-to-arms about standing up to the silencer-loving NRA.

And a CBS legal exec found herself out of a job when she tweeted the Vegas victims didn't deserve any sympathy because country music fans are often Republican.

Of course, there's more of such trollish vile on-line, as illustrated in Paul Joseph Watson's latest video.

David French also points out there's some strange facets to this incident.

But until we get all the answers, it's time to pray for the victims and their families, and honor the everyday heroes.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Paul Joseph Watson Video: "Take a Knee" is Total Bullshit

We should be focusing our attention on the crisis in Puerto Rico which was devastated by Hurricane Maria.  Which by the way, Our Grand Nagus is pushing back against accusations of slow relief response.

Not to mention the on-going issues beyond our territories.

Last week instead, leftists were triggered by Trump's tell that son of a bitch he's fired comment directed at NFL players who won't stand during the National Anthem.

In addition to Paul Joseph Watson video, featured above, Gregg Gutfeld reminded us it it wasn't Trump who politicized the game.

(Image by Henry Payne)

During my active duty days, we were told we could participate in marches and demonstrations--as long as we weren't in uniform.

NFL players wear uniforms, and the ones who "take a knee" during the National Anthem are not only disrespecting our flag, but their fans as well.

 People go to sporting events to enjoy their leisure time--not to be subjected to someone's political-social pet peeves.

This also goes for the coaches and owners who support this bullshit.

You want to take a knee during the National Anthem?

Do so outside the stadium--and be sure to take off your uniform when you do.  Or better yet, as Brittany Hughes suggested on her video--take a hike.

(Image by Michael Ramirez)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Hill-arious Blame-Game Tour

(Image by Tom Stiglich)

Hillary Clinton'sBook Tour will be coming to Seattle's Paramount Theater, December 11th.

"...and there was much rejoicing." 

Just in time to get that last-minute Festivus gift.

Hillary's book and interviews are certainly in the Festivus spirit, especially with the Airing of Grievances...
(Image by Henry Payne)
There's a lot of news and issues brewing in the waning days of Summer 2017, that I could be posing about.  Unfortunately, Corrupt Queen Hillary Clinton can't let go of the past, nor accept the fact she lost to Our Grand Nagus.

It's as if, as Mark Steyn said: Hillary is acting like O.J. Simpson and "looking for the real killers."

RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel observed:  Every Clinton interview reinforced why she lost.

Judge Jeanine bangs her gavel down on Hillary's excuses.

I like Jesse Waters' opening comment:  She's working harder to sell the book than she did to win the election.

And Liz Wheeler rolled-in with a run-down on "what happened."

Fortunately, I don't have to read What Happened, because:

a. I already know what happened, and so do the folks I linked to in this post, and
b. Kate Reads Books on Twitter already did and has this "Unholy Shit!" reaction to women forcing their daughters seek Hillary's forgiveness for not voting.

One would think by now, a normal person would ask:

(Image by Chip Bok)
The silver lining in all this dreary & deluded rehash of the 2016 Presidential Campaign is that it's fodder for satire.

The Onion peeled off some layers like:

We All Made Mistakes, But You Made Most of Them, along with the follow-on What Also Happened--casting blame on her failed book tour.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Honoring 9-11-01 and Our On-Going War Against Islamists

(Image by Tom Stiglich)
Today's a sad day, not only in remembering the vicious attack that occurred 16 years ago, but also we're no closer to what was once called "victory" than we were 16 years ago.

Sure Osama bin Laden, and Saddam Hussein are dead thanks to our military might.  But we still have Islamist enemies outside--and inside--the Ramparts of Civilization we've been contending with since 2001.

The Diplomad summed up his feelings in his September 11 post.

And it's not just the Islamists that continually cause us grief, but in some (most?) cases our own political ruling class.

Mark Steyn rehashed his Dishonored Dead article for another tragic anniversary--the attack on our consulate in Benghazi.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Racist Hurricane Racing Towards Miami

(Image by Tom Siglich)

As the Sunshine State is bracing itself against Hurricane Irma, at least one conspiracy theorist and social justice whiner is working overtime to put their own spin on the impending storm.

Blogger Diogenes' Middle Finger passed along this gem on Facebook:

Hurricanes be racist y'all.

Comrade Karla wondered if this were a joke.  I told him I'm hoping the preponderance of the 7.2K reactions were "Wow!" (as in WTF?!) and "LOL!" (as in YGTBSM).

If this isn't a joke, then such astounding ignorance makes me want to scream.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Waking Up to Ashfall

For nearly 26 years, where ever I lived; I'd drive to the gym 3-6 days a week in the pre-dawn darkness in just about every weather condition imaginable (and sort-of safe to travel in).

You know, the whole Neither snow nor rain... spiel about nothing keeping me from my workouts.

Yesterday though, was the first time I drove through ash fall from one of the many wildfires burning up our Evergreen State.

While my wife was at work, where the ash fall and smoky haze were worse; she said it reminded her of the Mount St. Helens eruption.

The Seattle Times put a more mundane spin on our predicament:  Ash falls like snow as wildfire rage in the Pacific Northwest.

So while large chunks of real estate in Texas and Louisiana are still underwater due to Hurricane Harvey; Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon are tinder-dry and burning to a crisp.

KHQ-6 has a full list of wildfires burning in Washington, Idaho and Montana.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and with Hurricane Irma bearing down on Florida I'm not all that keen about praying for rain in a "be careful what you wish for" sort of way.

While Washington State isn't known for it's sunshiny beaches, we have gotten severe "nor'westers" in the past.

And:  Winter is coming.