Friday, December 12, 2014

The Unravelling of Rape Reports

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I've never considered Rolling Stone Magazine (RS) a credible source of news.  So I didn't pay any attention to the headlines relaying RS's feature article (19 Nov 2014) about a gang rape that occurred at a UVA frat house back in 2012.
I'm glad I didn't waste my time.  The story started unravelling two weeks later
Since their story got shot full of holes, RS staff has been ducking questions
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Nor are RS staffers the only ones under fire.  Lena Dunham's claim in her "memoir" that she was raped by her alma mater's token Republican also fell apart under scrutiny.
Dunham's publisher, Random House, issued a statement claiming "Barry" wasn't Barry after all.
Maybe Ms. Dunham and RS can collaborate on future pieces of fiction to raise the water level in the Sea of Lies, which I included in my previous post...
These faux facts led to some interesting insights about the bigger picture within the Ramparts of Civilization:
The Left is performing amazing feats of contortion over these stories of UVA and Lena Dunham.  I guess when the facts don't fit what you need, make up new facts!...I'm increasingly feeling that the Left is throwing a huge hissy fit over being soundly rejected during the last election.  They're not happy that the country is starting to see through the MSM cloud and now want some adult leadership in charge (sadly, they had to settle for the GOP).  They're in-fighting and sniping one another.  It really is fun to watch.
But the media is going all out to support the left’s narrative.  Just look at their sudden interest in stories about police shootings where there is race involved (real or imagined)...
That's what I find so fun -- the MSM is spinning things madly but people are just not believing them like they used to.  People -- only some people, of course, but enough -- are waking up and getting tired of the BS.  Politically, the country is on a knife's edge, so even turning a small group of people is making a difference.  I don't hold my breath that the country is going to shrug loose Leftism, but it is going to at least put a damper on it for a while.   If the GOP would just pull their collective head out, they might make some progress in getting the country back on an even keel.
Speaking of "...spinning things madly..."
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A detailed article in Slate, gets into that, yes, rape is a serious crime, but over correcting (to say the least) seriously infringes on the rights of the accused.  Especially, as the article gets into, no one is addressing the problems of binge drinking and the Hookup Culture.

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