Thursday, March 26, 2015

Travelers to Tunisia "...Must Be Cautious."

(Image from:  Little Chocolate Donuts)

Yesterday's news contained this "life imitating art" headline:  Tunisian "Star Wars" Tourism Threatened by Terrorists.

Now the Tunisian meccas of sci-fi fandom truly are wretched hives "...of scum and villainy."

Of course, our government hasn't been helping matters.  After last week's attack on the Bardo Museum (new footage has now been released), the State Department issued conflicting Tweets as to whether or not it's safe to travel to Tunisia.

So Mark Steyn asked: Which Tweet is it?

Very few writers I know have talked about the attack against Charlie Hebdo, (or at least I haven't caught any on-line message traffic).

I wonder how many Star Wars fans will talk about this?

How long will the "dead canaries in the coal mine" be ignored by our society?

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