Thursday, December 10, 2015

Following the Jihadi Money Trail

(Image by Glenn McCoy)

There was early speculation that a heated debate about Islamic violence between Sayed Farook and an Islamophobic coworker triggered Mr & Mrs Jihadi Farook killing spree in San Bernadino.

A couple days ago, news broke that bank records show $28,000 was deposited to Sayed's account two weeks before he and the missus sprung their attack.

While the money trail hasn't led to any jihad supporters yet, the FBI is looking at possible evidence that Sayed may have conducted some planning for an attempted past terror plot.

Also, Mr & Mrs Jihadi may have been Islamists even before they met.

Regardless of what evidence leads where, Americans are looking out for their own personal protection.  Americans have bought over 100 million guns during Obama's presidency so far.

(Image by Lisa Benson)

According to this gun store owner, the the best way to piss off the prez is to buy a gun.

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