Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Media's Big Lies of Omission and Circulation Shrinkage

(Image by Robert Ariail)

Before the creation of CNN, there were only three major networks:  ABC, CBS and NBC.

All of who, along with MSNBC, love airing the dirty laundry...

(Image by Lisa Benson)

...of Republican politicians.

A couple weeks ago the Clintonian corruption made the news--again.

However, if you only get your news from television's original triumvirate, you'd never know that Hillary is now in the epicenter of the Russian Collusion Scandal.

I use to think MSNBC was the shrillest of the news networks.  But it looks like cable news trendsetting CNN hit rock-bottom--and has started to dig.

None of the latest "bombshells" are too surprising.  They've merely confirmed what us like-minded folks suspected all along:  That the "unbiased" media, isn't as unbiased as they claim to be.

(Image by Bob Gorrell--I've used this one before.  It's too good to pass up!)

But it's not just television that's turning off a lot of viewers.

Greg Gutfeld explains why magazines suck.

I never paid any attention to the pop culture magazines mentioned in The Five's video. 

I use to subscribe to Military History magazine, and would read each issue cover-to-cover.  Then several years ago the articles took a distinct leftward turn.  Even after getting barraged by angry Letters to the Editor, the editorial politburo continued it's long march.  I let my subscription lapse and haven't read a single issue since.

Now I see a similar turn with Writer's Digest, a magazine supposedly about writing and getting published.  In every issue, at least one author has to toss-in some leftist political-social comment.  I'm letting my subscription to this magazine lapse too.

At least I'll be uncluttering my mailbox and maybe even reduce my carbon footprint.

While I get a sense of shadenfreude over the shrinking subscriptions and viewerships of these lefty businesses, I won't get excited over any open secret bombshells about Bill & Hill...

(Another image by Bob Gorrell)

...until they're indicted, and behind bars--without bail.

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