Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Unhinged F-Bombing Entertainers

(Image by Tom Stiglich)

Earlier this month, we heard about what a "feckless cunt" Ivanka Trump was by Feckless Cunt Samantha Bee.  Who, by the way, got to keep her late-night gig while Rosanne Barr & her entire cast got canned because her outrageous tweet against Valerie Jarred wasn't part of the #ResistTrump rant.

You'd think feckless entertainers, regardless of their political views, would have learned by now they should stick to what they know best--entertaining.

Unfortunately, this realization hasn't come to pass.

A couple nights ago, there was a political rally, formerly known as the "Tony Awards," on TV.

Robert De Niro went on an F-bomb-laced rant against Our Grand Nagus, to which Matt Vespa replied:  Thank you for contributing to Trump's re-election in 2020.

Of course, Ragging Bullshitter, isn't the only unhinged celeb.

Bill Maher, an alleged comedian, hopes there's another recession so we can get rid of Trump.

Brittany Hughes called this out as a willingness to screw everyday Americans for their leftist agenda.  As the FOX News Business folks point out, this is easy for someone worth $100 million to say.

Clueless celebs like these two--along with numerous others--are assisted by clueless politicians like Nancy Pelosi, who may trigger another Trump victory--provided voters don't vote against Trump out of spite.

I know there's more newsworthy events underway, like Trump's historic summit meeting with Kim Jong Un.  So why am I wasting internet bandwidth on unhinged celebrities?

Because, they along with their lesser-known lefty cohorts, ruin everything for everybody.

While the 2020 Presidential Election may still be in doubt, and the enjoyment everyday Americans seek get taken away from them, feckless celebrities will earn their just well-deserved awards...

(Image by Lisa Benson)

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