Friday, February 21, 2020

Mini Mike Bloomberg Buys His Way Into the Fray

(Image by Gary Varvel)

"Mini Mike" Bloomberg entered the 2020 Democratic Primary Race back in November 2019, but no one paid too much attention because he didn't qualify for any debates.

Nor did he conduct any traditional meet & greet campaigning.

Then earlier this week, the DNC decided to change their rules to allow Mini Mike to participate in the Las Vegas Debate.


Because the popularity of both Our Grand Nagus' and Bolshevik Bernie's popularity is on the rise and the Dimtards are panicking.

Not only is the DNC, but the Ministry of Truth is dog-piling on Bernie.  Libtards like Tingly Legs Matthews are worried if Bernie gets the DNC nomination, Trump will win the general election by a landslide.

Welcome to 2016.20

Mini Mike is acting like a Senator from Ancient Rome--buying an election.  His campaign adds flood the airwaves and cyberspace, with Ministry of Truth outlets, like the NYT attempt to justify elites having "more control" over our elections.

(Image by Steve Breen)

Even before Wednesday night's debate, fireworks erupted between Mini Mike--and just about every other candidate and some of the commentators I follow had choice words to say--

--Tucker Carlson called-out that Mini Mike shouldn't be on the debate stage.

--Sean Hannity referred to Mini Mike's move as cashing in his chips.

--YouTuber Tim Pool declared the Dimtards embraced cheating and sold their souls to defeat Our Grand Nagus.

--Laura Ingraham explained why Bloomberg is failing.

--And then there's Mark Steyn who quipped Bloomberg is a Russian agent planted to make Sleepy Uncle Joe look good.

--But from a popcorn-eating entertainment perspective, The Amazing Lucas, thought the Vegas Debate as an amazing bloodbath and Greg Gutfeld, of The Five, thought it was awesome.

In fact, nearly 20 million people tuned-in,

I wasn't one of them.  Instead, I scrolled through Townhall's Twitter feed and saw it was quite the Thunderdome Cage Match.

I almost regret not watching it.


Reading the after-action tea leaves, Mini Mike...

...tried to defend wealth and capitalism...

...but failed miserably when he attempted to defend NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) he imposed on women...

...and Warren went for the jugular slamming Mini Mike's sexist past.

Despite the pummeling from all his rivals, Mini Mike fired--off one helluva zinger against Bolshevik Bernie.

Guy Benson's assessment of the Vegas Debate covered the good, bad and ugly.

And speaking of bad & ugly, Mini Mike's image wasn't helped when Team Bloomberg released a doctored clip of the debate.

 Basically, Mini Mike's zinger didn't damage Bolshevik Bernie's standing.

(Image by Michael Ramirez)
Regardless of the Old Bolshevik's popularity, Kurt Schlichter warned Bernie Bros are going to get fooled again.


If so, and it comes down to Trump the Usurper vs. Mini Mike in the General Election, Derek Hunter has an observation on what differentiates the two billionaires for you to keep in mind.

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