Saturday, March 19, 2011

To the Shores of Tripoli...

(Image:  Raymond Massey's To the Shores of Tripoli limited edition print)

...then and now:

(Image:  Tomahawk missiles launched from a US warship)

Two days after the UN imposed a no-fly zone over Libya, American and British warships launched a cruise missile strike, while French warplanes began patrolling the Libyan skies. 

From the Washington Post (WaPo):

From Yahoo News:

From the Seattle Times:

“We have every reason to fear that, left unchecked, Gaddafi will commit unspeakable atrocities,” Clinton said in a Paris.

Maybe establishing a no-fly zone will help Libyan rebels.  However, someone should inform Hillary about that unspeakable atrocities weren't prevented in Bosnia and Iraq (under Saddam Hussein), when no-fly zones were established over those countries. 

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