Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The VP Says: You're No Longer Worried

(Image from the movie:  Marie Antoinette)
In a "let them eat cake" moment, Vice President Joe Biden declared Americans are no longer worried about the economy
Aren't you glad to hear that your fears are unfounded?
But Biden wasn't the only one to put his foot in his mouth (something he's done repeatedly these past four years--and counting).  Our newly minted Secretary of State praised our diplomatic efforts in Kyrzakhstan--a country that doesn't exist
A friend who happens to be familiar with the US State Deptartment had this insight to offer:
Well, at least he didn't refer to the country as "Icky-stan" (that's the general shorthand used when referring collectively to the Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Kazakh, Tadjik, and Turkmen - istans). That probably wouldn't have gone down well at all.
I told this individual a suggestion should be submitted about the need to focus more attention on the current situation in Bongolesia.
(Image from the Bongolesia wargaming blog)
And if gaffes from our political ruling class isn't enough, there's what Comrade Karla calls "The Madness of King Hagel."  Who was confirmed today as Secretary of Defense
This should make Ahmadinejad happy.

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