Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Big Trouble in Little China

(Image from Steve Breen)
No this isn't a review of the 80s action movie, but about the protests going on in Hong Kong since 26 September.

Apparently, the former British colonists prefer a more democratic form of government than what the People's Republic of China has to offer. 

As of two days ago,  protestors gave in a bit, but are not planning on leaving anytime soon.  Whether this ends in another Tiananmen Square crackdown remains to be seen.

Some (many?) leftists wax poetic on how the 21st Century will be the "Chinese Century."  Meanwhile, us like-minded folks wonder if and when a US/PRC Showdown will erupt.

China is certainly making its neighbors skittish with its territorial claims in the South China Sea, along with causing all sorts of aggravation among cyber security folks.

But how powerful will China become in this century?

A lot may depend on how much power America gives away.

(Image by Henry Payne)

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