Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hillary Clinton: Queen of the Corruptocrats

(Image by Bob Gorrell)

Well another "Right Wing Conspiracy" may be in the making for the Bill & Hill Clinton.  The Hillary Camp is in damage-control mode over a new book's revelations.

Basically, Clinton Cash is suppose to be about the ton-o-cash the "dead-broke" Clintons have raked-in.

(Image by Steve Kelley)
It makes me wonder:  What will it take to folks like these away from the levers of power?
Mark Steyn has a simple 2016 Campaign wish:  "I would like a candidate who promises to hose out the sewer."

My feelings are similar. 

Big Government has led to Big Corruption.  Since 2008, the prime offenders have been Democrats.  However, last year's "Red Tsunami" was full of campaign promises made by Republicans, now seems to have petered-out after four months in office.

Will Clinton Cash derail Hillary's bid for the Oval Office Throne, or will it be another "phony scandal?"

I hope this supposed bomb-shell of a book turns out to be Clintonian Kryptonite.  But the non-FOX media is eager to see their queen coronated.

(Image by Michael Ramirez)

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