Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hillary Has Company

Hillary isn't the only one who has a trustworthiness problem "public relations problem."

James Weirick warns us that David Petraeus will not go away and why Americans should be cautious.

Petraeus got off easy for mishandling classified information. 

Although his affair did provide everyone with a hefty dose of humor he'll never live down.

Remember the screen grab of the parody titled-bio?

Just in case anyone needs a reminder, and more importantly, a laugh:

(Image from:  The Big Lead)

Here's a couple other headlines--real ones--for your amusement:

(Image from:  American Power Blog)

Common Cents has this and other clever newspaper headlines.

There's enough spin-meisters in office, or trying to get elected to office.  We don't need another one.

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