Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Still Debating the 1st GOP Debates

(Image by Jerry Holbert)
Turn to any news station, or log on to any news website, and there'll still be some on-going commentary about last weeks 1st GOP 2016 Campaign Debate.  

Apparently, after it was over, Trump allegedly made some vague menstrual remark against hostess Megyn Kelly.  

People like John Kass thinks this is a death blow for Trump. 

But others, like Mark Steyn beg to differ.  He doesn't think "The Menstrual Show" is killing Trump.

The Diplomad doesn't feel he's qualified for political punditry, but remarked that Trump is as thin-skinned as the current occupier of the Oval Office.

 Setting aside the he-said/what-he-meant brouhaha, here's the kind of debate voters--for both parties--would be willing to buy on a pay-per-view basis to see... 

(Image by Nate Beeler)

Mark Steyn's "party pooping" final comments douses the on-going arguments:  The GOP thinks the issue is Trump; much of the base thinks the issue is the GOP

Speaking of party poopers:  Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Usurper, got upstages at one of his own rallies, here in Seattle, by a bunch of Black Lives Matter protesters.

So much for solidarity.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden appears to be biding his time...

(Image by Steve Breen)

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