Friday, July 15, 2016

Divided States of America in the Face of Growing Threats

(Image by Henry Payne)
Prior to the terrorist attack in France, The Diplomad, criticized Our Dear Leader for ruining the Dallas Memorial to the fallen police officers.

I didn't watch the service, but "Dip" provides a link to the transcript of O's speech, if you care to read it.

As news of the terrorist truck attack broke, "Dip" asked:  How much blood, Mr. President, how much do you need?

For the record, Our Dear Leader did respond, but with nothing memorable like Churchill's "We Will Never Surrender" speech.  But as Robert Spencer points out, Obama offering America's help with the investigation, still shows an unwillingness to admit our jihadi enemies are at war with us.

I guess we shouldn't expect much from a presidential administration willing to illuminate the White House in rainbow colors to show solidarity for the Supreme Court striking down laws banning gay marriage, but can't be bothered to "go blue" in support of our nation's police officers.

Or, warns allies not to rile China, along with "leading from behind" in regards to Iran, Syria, Russia and North Korea.

While the latest terrorist attack occurred in France, America is still considered the world's superpower.

However, what power America can bring to bear has been, and continues to be sapped.

VDH explains how our nation's enemies see America [and our allies, I might add] as vulnerable prey.

(Image by Michael Ramirez)

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