Friday, July 22, 2016

RNC 2016 Roundup

(Image by Steve Breen)
While I've been off-duty and pretty much off-line, I didn't watch the Republican National Convention (RNC) from start to finish, but only tuned-in for Trump's acceptance speech.

So here's a quick round-up of tidbits about the RNC:

First, the media that can't be bothered to question the Corrupt Queen's Secret Server, have been accusing Melania Trump of plagiarizing hefty chunks of her speech during the RNC's opening day.

Really?  Seriously?

If the media isn't going to hound Hillary over her past (current?) shenanigans, then I don't care how much material our possible First Supermodel plagiarizes.

Ann Coulter reminds us that Michelle's speech was trite too.

(Image by Lisa Benson)
Then Ted Cruz's non-endorsement of Trump speech caused quite a stir.

(Image by Bob Gorrell)
Although Cruz wasn't the only one to raise a ruckus.  Protestors showed up, but in this instance, things backfired when one of them set himself on fire while attempting to burn the American flag.

While Republicans and conservatives--minus Ted Cruz--seemed to have enjoyed the convention, the presence of police officers traumatized some of the delicate snowflakes attending Case Western Reserve University. 

(Image by Lisa Benson)
Of course, not every Republican--including Ted Cruz--is enthusiastic about Trump being crowned the party's presidential nominee.  But as Scott Walker pointed out, a vote for anyone else will be a vote for Hillary.

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