Friday, September 30, 2016

Cascadia Mall Shooter Charged with Five Counts of Murder

I've been on duty for the past several days, so my posts this week will be late.

The first item I want to pass on, before discussing other events is:  The Cascadia Mall Shooter was apprehended the day after his rampage. The suspect admitted to killing all five victims.

 On Monday, the Seattle Times ran a Cascadia Mall Shooting at-a-glance article.  There's even a Wikipedia entry about the mass murder.

As of now the motive appears to be a combination of mental health issues, along with a break up from an ex-girlfriend who use to work at Macy's (where the suspect murdered his victims), and a falling out with his step dad.

A controversy erupted over police describing the suspect as Hispanic, when it turned out he was Arcen Cetin, who immigrated from Turkey.

Apparently, he's also a US citizen, as opposed to being a permanent resident as originally thought.

I was on duty during the shooting.  And from my "echelon above reality" I'd like to think the suspect's initial "Hispanic" description was a case of being in the heat-of-the-moment, rather than Political Correctness (PC) overriding common sense.

However, I have noticed this story rapidly dropped off the national radar screen.  Why this happened is being speculated as either:

a.  It occurred just before the Clinton-Trump Debate, and news agencies didn't want to make Hillary look bad.  Especially, since it was initially assumed the killer was a permanent resident.  It turns out he's supposedly a  US citizen.

b.  The shooter used a hunting rifle and not a "scary-looking" gun like a semi-automatic handgun, or an AR-15.

Regardless of the reasons, this will be strictly a local tragedy from now on.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims' families.

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