Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Clinton Claims She Didn't Know "C" Meant Classified

(Image by Nate Beeler)
While the FBI didn't press charges against Our Corrupt Queen, revelations about her e-mail antics and Clinton Foundation follies continue.

For starters, she claimed she didn't know the "C" on the documents she handled meant "Classified."

Even if this claim were true, it means she was too incompetent to be our Secretary of State and is certainly too incompetent to be the next president.

There are lots of smarter women in America who would make a better First Woman President.

The other explanation is for this, is of course (and in my opinion most likely), a lie, especially since this latest Clintonian Quid Pro Quo came to light.  This along with the 13 personal devices Hillary actually used, with some of them being destroyed by hammer-wielding staffers.

And the scores of e-mails wiped clean after a NYT story revealing she used her Secret Server for official business.

Basically, each and every revelation about Clinton's cyber shenanigans is a step closer to confirming our suspicion that the efforts to keep Hillary's e-mails from public scrutiny were systemic and intentional.

It's no wonder that, despite any outlandish outbursts, the Boorish Billionaire's poll numbers are back within a margin of error against Hillary's.

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  1. She probably thought the "C" was intended for C*nt