Friday, September 23, 2016

The Orwellian Trajectory of Terrorist News Stories

(Image by Henry Payne)
One of my sister-in-laws and her husband were visiting with us for the past several days.  During this time, Ahmad Khan Rahami was busy planting bombs in New York City (NYC) and New Jersey, while Dahir Adan was stabbing shoppers at a Minnesota mall in the name of Allah.

As usual, this event followed a similar Orwellian trajectory as previous terrorist attacks.  First we're told there's no links to terrorism, (because no membership card to any terrorist group was found on the scene).

Second, the federal complaint against Rahami omits references to ISIS in his journal.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media is working overtime to hide Rahami's Muslim faith.

(Image by Mike Lester)
Like gun control advocates, our Political Ruling Class are pointing to internet as the source of Islamic radicalization.

As The Diplomad pointed out in his latest post:  It's the Koran, not cyberspace that jihadists and jihadi wannabees look to for inspiration.

Until everyone within the Ramparts of Civilization realize the true nature of the jihadi threat, our efficiency for taking out the trash will be hamstrung.

(Image by Lisa Benson)

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