Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Obama Doctrine's Roots in Antiquity

(Image by Nate Beeler)

Now that the last Presidential Debate of 2016 is behind us, let's take a look at both the ancient past and beyond our borders.

Apparently, "leading from behind" isn't a new concept, and goes back as far as the Peloponnesian War.

Probably even further.

Kori Schake makes an interesting comparison of our situation in Syria with the spark(s) that ignited the Spartan-Athenian Smackdown in her article:  Thucydides All Over Again.

No matter who wins the Presidential Election, most of us like-minded folks feel tensions beyond the Ramparts of Civilization will continue to rise until we're at--or passed--the brink of war.

(Image by Robert Ariail)

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  1. The problem with the Obama doctrine is that "total neglect" is not a doctrine. There has been no foreign policy other then whatever would put the most money into Hallary's pockets.