Sunday, October 30, 2016

Polling the Polls

(Image by Steve Kelley)
A couple days ago, the FBI dropped the bombshell that they were re-opening their case against Our Corrupt Queen's never ending e-mail scandal thanks to Anthony Weiner's never ending sexting scandals.

So other than leftists crying foul, the polls are all over the map.

(Editorial Note:  I originally  had this post ready to upload for yesterday, but that got bumped due to the FBI's announcement, and it's too early to tell how it will affect public opinion).

The newest newer of the new polls, prior to the FBI's Friday Surprise, had Hillary leading Trump by only four points, after dropping eight points in a week.

Most had forecast Our Corrupt Queen being coronated on 20 January 2017.

But are the polls lying about Trump?


Especially since the non-FOX News media is acting more like the Democratic Party's Propaganda Department, than independent news agencies.

Mark Steyn dredges-up the Democratic Party's penchant for dishonesty in his Beyond the Margin of Lawyer article.

So:  Who will win?

That may depend on how much (more) evidence the FBI can dig up.

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