Friday, October 28, 2016

California National Guard Vets Forced to Payback Bonuses

(Image by Bob Gorrell)
For the past several days I was off-line spending time with family and friends.

Unfortunately, my cyberspace hiatus didn't stop the deluge of bad news.

As a retired service member, the headline that caught my eye was US Soldiers Told to Repay Thousands in Signing Bonuses from Height of War Effort

The soldiers in question, are the nearly 10,000 California National Guardsmen who were given bonuses--nearly a decade ago.

Congress was, uncharacteristically, swift to react.  In the heat of this political firestorm, the Potomac Puzzle Palace (a.k.a the Pentagon), reversed its decision.

Sort of.

SecDef Ashton Carter said the repayment process will be suspended as soon as its practical.

And like Our Corrupt Queen's never ending trail of scandals, the VA Scandal of 2014 hasn't gone away either.

Just when you'd think treatment of our vets hit rock bottom, someone "started digging."

Last month, it was discovered that the same VA hospital at the epicenter of the two year old scandal has reached a new low, when it's morgue left vet bodies to decompose for weeks without burial.

Unlike my usual attempt at ending my posts with some pithy conclusion, at this moment words fail me...

(Image by Steve Breen)

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