Saturday, November 19, 2016

Meltdowns Maintain Their Momentum

(Image by Glenn McCoy, 3 May 2016)

In searching for a political cartoon for this post, I stumbled across Glenn McCoy's strangely prescient piece, dated 3 May 2016.

Last weekend, an anti-Trump protest devolved into a riot in Portland, OR.  A few days later, Seattleites took to the streets.  Fortunately no riot broke out.

It's ironic how anyone who voted for the Boorish Billionaire is branded a racist, sexist homophobe.

Funny, I don't remember any of us racist, sexist homophobes rioting when Our Dear Leader was elected...

(Image found on Wilcfry)
...and re-elected.

Nor do I remember any "#NotMyDearLeader" hashtags sprouting up on the internet.

While peaceful protest is a Constitutional right, destructive rioting is not.

Instead of imploring for peace and civility though, Our Outgoing Dear Leader told protesting snowflakes he wouldn't advise them to be silent.

True, they don't have to be silent; but Obama could have at least told them to tone-down the temper tantrums.

And what of the Un-Coronated Corrupt Queen?  Why hasn't Hillary called for an end of the violence?

Instead, the non-FOX News media--you know the folks openly cheering for a Clinton Restoration--are calling on The Donald to denounce the donnybrooks.

My like-minded friends and I feel the snowflake shenanigans will continue throughout President Pussygrabber's term(s).

Mark Steyn has pithy words of advice for the loyal opposition, along with a dire warning about de-normalizing Trump supporters and attempt to de-legitimize their votes.

And when it comes to the snowflakes' claim of "speaking truth to power," or whatever their bumper-sticker slogan-of-the-day is, Dystopic reminds them:  You are the Establishment.

Speaking of Establishment types, check out the unhappy faces of the Obama Administration Minions who will be replaced by Trump.

These minions can take consolation that despite her election loss, Hillary still managed to make made history...

(Image found on:  USA Supreme on Facebook)
...just not in the way they were hoping she would.

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