Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Multiple Layers of the Ferguson Fracas

(Image by Eric Allie)

A few days ago, I mentioned the on-going uproar in Ferguson, MO, via an article by Mark Steyn.  The main topic in that post dealt with the militarization of police forces (and other federal agencies).

Since then, Ferguson is still burning, both literally and emotionally.  I've refrained from commenting on this because it's a multi-layered issue, and like an onion--every layer stinks.

The Ferguson Riots has been/is currently following a similar trajectory as the Trayvon Martin Case:

A black kid is shot and killed, the circumstances of the shooting are dubious at best, then the victim is portrayed as an up-and-coming pillar of the community ruthlessly gunned down by some racist throwback, the saintly image proves to be false, however; this doesn't stop the media, race baiters, elements of the federal government, along with politicians from both parties getting involved.

(Image by Eric Allie)

Did I miss anything?

Probably.  Thanks to to waters being thoroughly muddied by the usual suspects I mentioned above (and probably more).

I'll start off my Ferguson Fracas-101 Crash Course with this Cast of Characters which will come in handy as the rest of the country watches the Theatre of the Absurd play-out.

As with the Steyn article, there's the question of why was there no dash-cam in the squad car, but the convenience store security camera footage was released?

(Image by Dana Summers)
Pat Buchanan asks a broader question:  Is Ferguson our future?

Hopefully not.
(Image by Glenn Foden)

But the dirty little secret about the difference between white and black Americans over Ferguson is--there's most likely no difference at all.

Too bad "the usual suspects" don't realize this. 

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