Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Prejudice Against Pipers Proceeds

(Image from MidSouth Funeral Piper)
Nearly two weeks ago, I posted about a couple of New Hampshire teens who had their bagpipes confiscated by the CBP.

Well the good news is:  The pipes were returned to them.  This time.

The bad news is:  If they ever want to venture into Canada for another gathering of the clans, they can only do so at 28 inconvenient locations and pay a $238 processing fee--each way.  This bodes ill for any piper entering and exiting the US.

Now compared to the rioting in Ferguson, MO, and the mass invasion along our southern border, this may sound like sour notes.

But in the "Land of the Free" how much longer will we be able to freely engage in our favorite pastimes, hobbies, or passions, before everyone has to pay some "regulatory fee?"

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