Friday, June 26, 2015

CSA Flag Flap Continues...

(Image by Glenn McCoy)
Not satisfied with seeing the Stars & Bars taken down from official buildings, leftists are seeking to eradicate the symbol from our nation's history & culture.  

So far, it's just these electronic games that are now gone with the wind.

Speaking of which, one NY Post film critic is even suggesting it's time to retire Gone With the Wind.

I've seen the movie once, maybe twice.  I never read the book and frankly my dear, I didn't give a damn about the movie.  I thought it it was a four-hour soap opera in period costumes.

But this is my singular opinion.  I would never consider banishing either the book or movie in order to prevent others from enjoying them.

Why am I bothering to blog about symbols, books and movies that I don't particularly care about?

Because leftists have cried "havoc!" and let slip the PC Commissar dogs upon us.  If we happy few don't cry "foul!" now, then these self-proclaimed keepers of the Collective Peace may decide to outlaw something I do like.

Steve Green (aka Vodkapundit) offers thoughtful insights on what symbols belong in a museum, while Scaramouche answers the question:  When will the crackdown on Che T-shirts begin? 

And as our Che T-shirt sporting leftists play "Pin the Flag on the GOP Elephant," Mark Steyn reminds us that the Stars & Bars was firmly planted in the Democratic Party's camp well into the 20th Century.

(Image by Gary Varvel)

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