Sunday, February 26, 2017


(Image found on:  The Democratic Underground)
I finally finished reading my copy of TIME's Special Edition: Star Trek, Inside the Most Influential Science-Fiction Series Ever, which I purchased after attending a Star Trek exhibit in Seattle last year.

On page 59, this quote in big, bold blue letters caught my eye:

If Donald Trump were a Star Trek alien, he would be a Ferengi.

Ever since Trump tossed his hat in the ring, I've heard all sorts of criticisms about him--from the valid to the certifiably crazy.

I find this one funny, because for someone who wrote The Art of the Deal, along with heading a financial empire, the comment seems to apply rather nicely.

But I think the joke is on Time, as well as the artists of the pictures I used in this post.  I suspect none of them thought Trump would actually win.

But since he has, maybe it's time to change the presidential acronym from POTUS (President of the U.S.) to GNOTUS (Grand Nagus of the U.S.).

(Image found on:  Redman Cheyenne)
And since leftists have been invoking Godwin's Law on a daily basis since the election results were finalized, I'll be sure to refer to Trump as Grand Nagus Donolf Trumpler.

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