Friday, February 10, 2017

SJWs Ruining Fun for Everyone

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When my wife and I returned from Oregon, we went about doing chores and preparing for the impending snowstorm.  So I didn't watch Super Bowl LI.

Even though I was born in the Boston area, I've been a lukewarm Seattle Seahawks fan since I first came to Washington State back in the '80s.  In general though, I hardly follow sports at all.

So with all the other issues Donolf Trumpler's administration, like his cabinet picks and trying to suspend immigration from jihadi-infested areas, why am I posting about a subject that I'm ambivalent about at best?

Because leftists insist on injecting their political-social views into everything--including our leisure time--when we want to take a break from reality.

Some companies ran politically-tainted adsThe Diplomad considered Audi's commercial a Progressive crash test dummy, and Dennis Prager declared Audi is now THE car for the unhappy woman.

Or should that be "...for the unhappy womxn?"

Anyway, a dose of politics and social commentaries in commercials wasn't enough for the Social Justice Whiners (SJWs) who tuned-in.  They're weren't gaga that Lady Gaga's half-time show wasn't overly political.

And became unhinged over the Patriots' win because the owner, coach and key quarterback are all Trump supporters.

But the intrusion of politics isn't limited to the sports arena--

--A few years ago we had Gamergate (a year in review).

--SJWs have invaded comic books.

Not to mention movies and TV shows.

I've been a subscriber to Writer's Digest for years--decades even.  I plan on letting my subscription expire.  Lately, there's been a call-to-arms for authors to write about more diverse characters.  While this may sound innocuous enough--remember most SJW buzz phrases start out this way--I have a hard time believing grade school children are craving to read about gay and transgender characters.

I suspect, just like in comics, this is another top-down decision made by editors and publishers to force material on to readers, of all ages, aren't interested in.

And when it comes to actually doing some actual activist activity, you better not merely set your Virtue Signal on automatic, and walk away.  Taylor Swift found herself afoul of SJWs when she "phoned-in" her support for the Women's March

(Image:  Screen shot of Blank Space Parody)

Sci-fi author, Brad Torgerson, describes at length how the ctrl-left drove me away from American liberalism.

" Saturn, the Revolution devours its children ..."

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