Thursday, February 2, 2017

Policy Announcement, Protest, Repeat...

(Image by Lisa Benson)
Well, here we are on Groundhog Day and it's more likely we'll be seeing the same protests, over and over again--just like in the film.

So far this week seen:

Trump telling Acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, YOU'RE FIRED for not defending his refugee executive order.

180 federal workers plan on following in Yates' footsteps and may meet the same fate.

Protestors outside Senate Minority Leader, Chuck "Fake Tears" Schumer's apartment chanting what the fuck Chuck for not being a bigger obstructionist.

Why all the rage?

Election Day was suppose to be the left's crowning moment of victory.  But it was a victory that was denied them.

And you've heard of sanctuary cities right?

Well how about a sanctuary state?

California Democratic lawmakers moved bills forward to turn The Golden State into an illegal immigrant's welfare paradise.

Despite vetting hysteria vs. facts, snowflakes and crybullies will find another excuse to take to the streets, and another, and another...

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