Friday, February 24, 2017

Law & Laments: Snowflake Edition

(Image by Lisa Benson)

During the eight-year Era of Hope and Change, leftists frowned upon America enforcing its own immigration laws.

They still do.  Some religious leaders are planning on forming an "underground railroad" for illegal aliens.

But despite their intent to harbor illegals, the rule of law has returned.

And not just in terms of immigration, but towards destructive temper tantrums thrown by the election's sore losers.

More than 200 Inauguration Day protesters were indicted on rioting charges.

Turning Point USA's Alana Mastrangelo was delighted to re-post one leftist's lament at being arrested and charged--but managed to get bailed out by his backers.

This may add a touch of credibility to the claim of paid protesters at town hall meetings.

As one online friend responded:

All that talk of backers -- sounds like conspiracy to me.  Can't wait to see the little babies turn over a list of names to save their own pathetic hides.

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