Monday, August 28, 2017

Barcelona Blues

It's now virtually impossible for me to post about breaking news.  (Not that I really could before, because I'd often wait a day or so to allow most, if not all the facts to come to light).

It's been almost two weeks since the terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain, and nearly a week since a Spanish judge ordered one suspect to be freed.

But even if I could post about events in a more timely manner, I don't know what else to add, especially since the attack on Barcelona followed the same tiresome trajectory as all the other attacks before it.

So much for Spain's umbrellas in the rain.  (That is, attempting to appease enemies for "peace in our time.")

According to The Diplomad's family, the Spanish are hell-bent on societal suicide.

I'm also noticing what may be burn-out on social media.  I've seen very few Spanish flags superimposed over profile pictures for Facebook virtue signalling.

A sign, maybe, of more and more people accepting the "new normal."

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