Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sayonara Scaramucci

(Image by Steve Kelley)

I'm a day late in posting this week.

Or should I say, less timely than usual.

There was a 10-hour internet outage in our neighborhood the other day, so I couldn't do any of my on-line spamming work.

Anyway, the best opening line about the latest White House shake-up came from an online friend who said:

Someone fell out of the clown car...

Since the "circus will be in town" for another four years at least, the NYT has a more detailed story of Anthony Scaramucci being sheista-canned.

This guy's ten-day tenure went by in such a flash, I never got to see any of his briefing antics that everyone is now talking about in past-tense.

Laura Ingraham rolled-in on White House needing message discipline.  Otherwise, we'll see more revolving-door staffing.

(Image by Glenn McCoy)

Maybe I'm making too light of an apparent administration in disarray.

But to be honest, I find the revolving door appointments & firings to be hilariously entertaining.

Especially after eight years of Barry O's rule by Imperial Decree (a.k.a. Executive Order).  During the Era of HopeandChange, when one of Barry's minions was embroiled in a scandal, they'd Plead the Fifth and then walk away, suffering no consequences.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

Besides, I'm not surprised by all this especially when Our Grand Nagus' pre-presidential catch phrase was:

You're fired.

Despite my amusement, I don't think I'd want to be the White House Director of Communications...

(Meme inspired by Kevin Creighton via Jonathan Keller's Twitterfeed

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