Friday, September 11, 2015

Bigger Teapots for Terrorists

(Image by Lisa Benson)
I love the movie reference in Lisa Benson's latest political cartoon. 
Unfortunately, the nomadic "Camp of the Saints," and especially any terrorist operatives lurking in the fold, won't be won over by tea and crumpets.
(Image from: Bloomberg News)
 Or any other beverage and snacks for that matter.
I agree with Ann Coulter on the "refugee" invasion:  File it under "Not Our Problem."
Or Europe's for that matter, especially since a number of Muslim countries aren't accepting any refugees, as illustrated here:
(Image from:
Unfortunately, no one in Our Dear Leader's regime is listening to Ann.  Yesterday, the White House announced we'll be accepting 10,000 Syrian refugees.

But the migration to the welfare states is just one face of the middle east Rubik's Cube.

Daniel Pipes' latest article discusses Middle East Provocations and Predictions.

For a good European perspective on the "Camp of Saints Invasion," check out The Gates of Vienna which has been posting up to four newsfeeds per day.

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