Saturday, September 5, 2015

Europe's Growing Refugee Crisis

(Image by Gary Varvel)
For the past several days, the news headlines overseas focus on the refugee tsunami swamping Europe.  This wave of misery threatens to bring the Balkans to a breaking point.
But it's not just the Balkans that are being deluged.  Once the refugees (and probable terrorist infiltrators) enter Europe, they can travel anywhere except the UK.  For now, unless Hollywood actress Emma Thompson has her way
(Image from The People's Cube)
Meanwhile, fellow Commonwealther, Mark Steyn, in his Loser Plays Gotcha article warns us of the seemingly prophetic novel The Camp of the Saints.
Guest blogger "Fjordman" writes on The Gates of Vienna, that what we're witnessing is a New Migration Period.
I've relayed articles by commentators many times before on the topic of Islamic immigrants unwilling to integrate into western culture.  In fact, many are trying to do the opposite:  Make western culture conform to sharia law, or at least become more accommodating--in a boiling a frog one degree at a time sort of way.
Some European countries, other than the UK, have cause for concern.  The Diplomad wonders:  Is Hungary's PM the only one who understands the threat
There's a historical roots to this concern as Raymond Ibrahim reminds us how the Islamic world was forged.

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There may be a tiny ray of hope though.  In Berlin, refugees from Iran are converting to Christianity.

The motives of the refugees may be dubious, but hey, if it means they'll peacefully assimilate, then we'll call it good.

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