Monday, September 28, 2015

The Prime Directive Protecting Pedophiles

(Image by Lisa Benson)

Star Trek's Prime Directive (non-interference with other cultures), sounds good on paper or e-reader, but often proved inadequate at resolving some critical issue presented in a particular episode, ever since the original series aired back in 1966.

But Star Trek is speculative fiction, leaving no lasting consequences.

Reality can be brutal, often leaving scars, even if they're not visible.

Apparently, Afghan Muslims aren't willing to wait until they enter Paradise to get their 72 virgins.   (See yesterday's humorous post--you're going to need it after reading what follows).

Last week, the New York Times (NYT) broke the story of US soldiers being told to ignore the sexual abuse of boys committed by our Afghan allies, followed by a FOX News report of the Army kicking out a decorated Green Beret for defending a rape victim.

The Weekly Standard declared this was a national shame that had been going on for years.

Meanwhile, the DoD is under scrutiny for the handling of the pedophile Prime Directive, which various mouthpieces deny there were official orders for non-interference.

Take special notice of the Army major facing a court martial for transmitting a warning about an Afghan commander's band of "tea boys," via unsecured, personal e-mail. 

Unfortunately, the major's name isn't Hillary Clinton.

(Image found on Daily LOL, original source from AF Branco)

Michelle Malkin is appalled at Obama's silence on the matter and thinks it's long overdue for Our Dear Leader to return his Nobel Prize.

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