Saturday, September 19, 2015

Terrorist Membership Not Required Among Refugees

(Image by Robert Ariail)
That may be.
However, The Diplomad points out the fallacy of the assumption that membership to known terrorists groups is required in order to be considered a threat.
We've seen several lone wolf, and even "known wolf" attacks since 9/11.
It doesn't take a bona fide terrorist to knock down a Hungarian border fence.  (Although, Hungarian officials claim to have detained 1 certified jihadi among the 29 apprehended during the border clash).
Robert Spencer delves into the past and warns us that the current migration of the "Camp of the Saints" has historical precedence.  The Hijrah, or jihad by emigration, is considered a worthy goal of introducing Islam into infidel lands with the end-game being to overturn a host country's culture.
We see this on a regular basis when Muslims, individually or in grievance groups, claim they're offended by whatever infidel behavior irks them--like  celebrating Oktoberfest.
(Image from Big E Ales, Brief History of Oktoberfest)
 Raymond Ibrahim offers this sound advice:  Western nations should only accept Christian refugees.

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