Friday, September 25, 2015

Misgivings About Muslim US Presidents

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Last weekend Trump's closest contender, Dr. Ben Carson, ruffled the feathers of the PC Commissars when he said he didn't agree with the idea of a Muslim being President of the US.

And the good doctor is sticking to his stethoscope.  Instead of apologizing, he said we need to fix the PC Culture

Eradicating it would be more to my liking.

But the Good Doctor is only one of two candidates (so far) the PC Commissars are upset with.

The other one is--surprise!--Donald Trump.

Trump's latest cardinal sin? 

Not correcting a man referring to Obama as a Muslim during a NH townhall meeting.

The Diplomad reminds us that Trump was/is not obligated to defend Obama--on anything.  This goes for the rest of the candidates remaining in Pachyderm Parade (Scott Walker bailed a couple days ago).

Meanwhile, Mark Steyn counter-attacked with a seven-item volley, effectively telling the Palace Guard creeps to get lost.

Also in his Mohammed Goes to Washington? article, Mark points out the Constitution doesn't impose a religious test, but it imposes a Constitutional one.  That is, the POTUS must uphold the US Constitution.  But here in America and abroad, news stories have abounded about Muslims seeking to impose some sharia-based law on their community, or obtain some sharia-based exemption from the host-country's law.

This doesn't set a good precedent for a potential openly-Muslim presidential candidate.

As to whether I think Our Dear Leader truly is a Muslim or not, I agree with Point #5 Mark made in his Get Lost article--

--Obama's dad & step-dad were Muslims.
--Islam considers converting to other religions as apostasy--punishable by death.
--Obama has never clearly renounced Islam.


--I consider him a closet Muslim engaged in taqiyya at worst, or a non-practicing one at best, if there is such a thing. 

Once Obama's presidency is over, I wouldn't be surprised if Obama makes a "sudden" public conversion to Islam.

More than likely though, he'll remain the same shadowy character he's been throughout his hazy -public life, leaving us with debate-fodder for historians and conspiracy theorists for years to come.

But regardless of Obama's current religious preference, the end result is still the same...

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