Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Coexisting With Ticking Clocks

(Image by Chip Bok)

First a note on the possible hacking of my blog:

I haven't received any feedback from Google yet.  It appears that the Indonesian gambling sites listed in my Admin Page's Read List are being "phased out."  I'm hoping this means the password change has locked out any additional intrusions.  Nor do these sites appear anywhere on the reader's view of this blog and my own computer's anti-virus hasn't detected anything.  However, I can't guarantee that my blog is 100% clear.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The intrusion occurred shortly after I wrote this post last night...

Well Ahmed the Clock-That-Looks-Like-A-Bomb Maker finally got to see Our Dear Leader.  The good news is the kid and his family are moving to Qatar.

The clock's counting down on the Obama Presidency and Joe Biden is still being coy about whether or not he'll run.  But a source in Biden's Camp said I thinks it's fair to say something will break this week.

Whatever that means.  

At least Joe's may enter the race as opposed to the sanest Donkey Drove candidate, Jim Webb, who dropped out.

(Image from:  Hope n' Change Cartoons)
Meanwhile, in The Great White North, the clock ran out of Canada's Conservative Party as Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party was elected Prime Minister

Here, south of the Great White Border, an election went awry.  Oh nothing high stakes, like a prime minister's position, just a middle school election in San Francisco.  Apparently, the school administration withheld the election results because the winners weren't "diverse enough." 

While election results in the New World are being analysed, back in the Old World Muslim migrants have brought their sexual pathologies with them.

So what does rapes and honor killings have to do with middle school and national elections?

The short answer is:  Critical issues aren't being reported by the mainstream media, while the PC Commissars revoke reasonable assumptions, like clocks that look like bombs, and middle school elections.

Mark Steyn does an excellent job of connecting the diversity dots in his Clock Tick On article.

(Image from 1389 Blog)

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