Saturday, October 10, 2015

Collaboration of Enemies?

Well the Russians might claim they're targeting ISIS with airstrikes, but apparently ISIS didn't get the memo.

Yesterday, ISIS launched a surprise offensive, reportedly the biggest in months

Despite ISIS's attack, Russian warplanes continue to fly in support of Assad's loyal forces.  One motive behind this:  Getting payback for NATO's war against Libya

With the "bush war" in Syria flaring up, it looks like the Cold War has returned--or it could be something worse

A return to 1938, maybe?  A couple of friends compared the Syrian Civil War with the Spanish

The Military Times takes a look at what a war between the US and Russia would look like.

While the folks at The Military Times are confident in America's military might, Russia may not be acting alone for long.

It appears that China may be preparing to "team up" with Russia in Syria.

Whether or not Russia and China are in cahoots, or simply working independently of each other, and if we're in the midst of Cold War II, the 80's--or even the 30's--appear to be staging a come-back.

(Image by Gary Varvel on Real Clear Politics)

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