Monday, October 19, 2015

PC Commissars Constraining Free Speech

(Image from the D.C. Clothesline)

Last week, John Stossel hosted Censored in America on FOX News

I was able to watch the full episode, which should be available on-line in the upcoming days (weeks?).

Mark Steyn commented about his appearance on the show, and then goes on to expose a family of "warm-mongers" in his Mason-Dippin Line article.

Meanwhile, John Stossel added a warning about what we don't know (but need to) about censorship in the US.

The clamp-down on free speech doesn't have to be severe enough to make the headlines--at least on FOX News and on conservative websites.  One of my Facebook friends complained that a politically-charged post wasn't just deleted from her page, but also from the pages she found it on.

It's amazing how rants and snuff videos from our jihadi enemies manage to slip by the PC Commissars, but mild reproaches from centrists and conservatives are deemed unfit for social media.

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