Monday, March 14, 2016

History Going Down the Memory Hole

(Image from: Ex-Army's post about Social Justice Warriors)

It's Monday morning, and in campuses across America students are filing into their classrooms--or logging on-line.

But what are they learning?

In regards to history and culture, especially that of Western Civilization, practically nothing.

Patrick Deneen lamented how a generation lost its common culture.

Meanwhile, here in the Pacific Northwest, the students of Western Washington University haven't lost its culture, but are attempting to flush it down the Memory Hole.

Today's up-and-coming social justice warriors (SJWs) want to ban history, or at least the traditional concepts of history, to include changing the name to "Hxstory."

There are times that make me wonder if I should pursue a doctorial degree. 

But then when I read stories like these, I want to stay as far away from "wackidemia" as I possibly can. 

I can imagine myself being declared a serial micro-aggressor by the Campus Comintern.

(Image by:  Ex-Army's post about Gamergate)

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