Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Anti-Political Party Party

(Image by Glenn McCoy)
Well Marco Rubio's campaign didn't survive the Ides of March.
As he departed the scene, he warned about "politics of resentment."

Yes, as far as us conservative-ish folks are concerned, we do resent the GOP Establishments "business as usual" attitude--especially on immigration.

Ann Coulter describe conservatives' collective mood with her Voters Deliver Subtle Message: Die Donor Scum article.

(Image by Glenn McCoy)
The Boorish Billionaire wouldn't be anywhere near as popular (or "popular") if the GOP voters were satisfied with the GOPs performance.

Speaking of performing, the Corrupt Queen made a cameo appearance on "Broad City." (A show I've never heard of until now, and will never watch).  Greg Gutfeld considered this an indicator of how leftists think.

They're certainly blind to Hillary's serial scandals.

(Image by Gary Varvel)
As of now it looks like we're heading for a Boorish Billionaire vs. Corrupt Queen dynastic struggle this November.

During the Ides of March Primaries, John Kasich was the only contender to win any state against Trump--one--his home state of Ohio.

For your favorite (or most despised) candidate's standing, check out the 2016 Primary Results.

So come Election Tuesday, many Americans--at least the ones who won't sit out the election--will be casting their lost for the Presidential Pretender they hate the least.

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