Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Censored Speech and Cultural Appropriation

(Image by Bob Gorrell)

It's no secret that us middle-aged fogeys are often bewildered by the younger generation. 

For starters, most of us older types are firm believers in unconditional free speech. 

Don't like what I have to say, or write?  Then don't listen to me, or read my material.

Unfortunately, Millennials are cool with censoring speech they find "offensive."

I guess scurrying to their safe rooms isn't enough for them.  Stephen Moore wonders Who created these campus whiners?

Regardless of their collective origin stories, the "crybullies" won't be content until they've silenced dissenting opinions wherever they exist.

Not only has the Freedom of Speech drawn the ire of the PC Commissars, so has the Pursuit of Happiness.

Apparently, one cannot conduct classes, workshops, panel discussions, etc. unless one is "culturally aligned" to the event.  The most recent case is the University of Ottawa suspended a yoga class due to a "cultural appropriation" dispute.

The online friend that notified us of this latest PC clampdown asked: 

Does this mean ALL ethnic restaurants are off-limits to anyone not of that culture?

I wouldn't put it past the Cultural Appropriation Commissars to come up with something like this.

Another on-line friend asked: 

When will this all end?

It won't until we push back.


Ben Shapiro notified the whiney Mizzou students to toughen up.

(Image by Lisa Benson)

And it looks like the yoga classes at the U of Ottawa are still being offered after all (see update at the bottom of the Townhall article).

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