Monday, November 16, 2015

France Strikes Back--But How Hard?

(Image by Steve Benson, found on USA Today's Facebook page)

France didn't wait for its "three days of mourning" to strike back.  Yesterday, the French Air Force launched airstrikes against ISIS in Raqqa.

But will dropping bombs be enough?

Mark Steyn reminds us the barbarians are inside and there are no gates. Throughout this article, he asks a critical question the political ruling class on both sides of the Atlantic refuse to answer (in regards to mass Muslim migration and their religious-political ideology):

What's the happy ending here?

There won't be any, at least for us infidels, if we merely launch retaliatory strikes.

Steyn maintained his momentum and rolled-in on the latest pacifist symbol calling it the cool civilizational death-wish going viral.

The Diplomad shares similar feelings, concluding that the Paris Attack is the murderous cost of Progressive delusions.

I love Steve Benson's image of Lady Liberty, with assault rifle in-hand, charging forward to help France militarily to defeat the Islamic State once and for all.

However, today's political reality means American assistance is more like this:

(Image from:  Restless Patriot)

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